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Why have aliens never visited Earth?

Why have aliens never visited Earth?  - Photo 1.

Image of alien spacecraft – Photo: Live Science

Once again, the great mystery that has puzzled scientists for decades is rekindled: Why has humanity never been visited by aliens?

Science news site Live Science found the argument from a study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science. This is the study of two astronomers: Dr. Michael Wong, of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, DC, and Dr. Stuart Bartlett, of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California (USA).

Both researchers offer a possible and disturbing explanation: Advanced civilizations on other planets may have stalled or died before they had a chance to meet humans on Earth. .

According to this hypothesis, when the civilizations in space grow in size and technology reach their final threshold of development, that is also the point of crisis. When it comes to this stage, development can no longer keep up with the demand for energy. What happened next was the collapse of civilization.

The only long-term path to survival is to reject the model of economic growth at all costs, in order to maintain Earth’s equilibrium, the researchers say.

Studying the super-growth of cities, the researchers suggest that cities that increase in size and energy consumption at an exponential rate as populations increase inevitably lead to crisis points. , causing rapid collapse. Even more serious, potentially leading to the end of civilization.

These collapsing civilizations are easy to spot, as they will dissipate large amounts of energy in an “extremely unsustainable” way.

To prevent extinction, civilizations can undergo a process of awakening “homeostasis” (equilibrium of the environment on Earth), which shifts from unlimited growth to a superior civilization. social welfare, sustainable development, fairness and harmony with the environment, the research team suggested.

Some of humanity’s “small awakenings” have resolved global crises, such as reducing the global stockpile of nuclear weapons from 70,000 warheads to less than 14,000 warheads; stop the hole that once developed in the Earth’s ozone layer by banning chlorofluorocarbon emissions; and the 1982 international whaling ban.

However, the researchers stress their suggestion is simply a hypothesis, derived from observations of the laws that govern life on Earth and is designed to “stimulate discussion, consideration, introspection and future work”.

Another theory, published on April 4 in the journal The Astrophysics Journal (Astrophysics), suggested that due to the sheer size of the universe, it could take up to 400,000 years for a signal sent by one advanced species to reach another. That is a much larger amount of time than the brief human time on Earth.

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