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3 goals parents should not set for their children to avoid getting hurt

These are 3 goals that should not be set for your child. Otherwise, you will steer your child in the wrong direction of the meaning of life.

Wrong Goal 1: Win

It’s true that everyone loves to win, but when we work on the goals that are most important to our children, we inadvertently point them in the wrong direction. We are measuring our child’s worth by the number of victories in school, in games… If you focus too much on winning, you will miss out on all the other important values ​​that your child should learn. In fact, some loss of money is the greatest learning opportunity to find true value.

Your child’s activities should serve a deeper purpose than simply winning. The goal should be to teach your child values ​​such as developing integrity, teamwork, and respect for one another. Your role is to teach your child the value of learning, the right game. When your child doesn’t win, see it as an opportunity to teach patience and persistence.

3 goals parents should not set for their children to avoid getting hurt - Photo 1.

Don’t set the end goal of “Winning” for your child (illustration).

Mistake #2: Raise your child to be a “good” child

A parent’s goal is often to teach their children to look good and say the right things. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with that, you should teach your child to look adults in the eye and converse properly. But is that the end goal?

Everyone wants to have good children. But there are good kids, because you raise them simply by following the rules. The real goal should be to develop a mature heart with full character. We need to make sure we focus on nature rather than just behavior.

Our goal shouldn’t be to teach kids to just be good, never to go beyond the norm. Since it’s one-sided, if you have kids who follow the rules, make sure you’re focusing on building other traits as well, rather than emphasizing their behavior. For the child who follows the rules, there is sometimes a lack of kindness. A good child but not necessarily a good person later.

Wrong goal 3: Success

Many parents are infatuated with success to the point of madness. They want their children to be successful at work and at home — as a reflection of themselves. Often, these parents don’t quite understand what “success” is. They just know they want something for their kids to be proud of. But success is the wrong goal. Founder of Prison Fellowship, one of his favorite quotes is: “Be honest, not successful.”

There are people who are very “successful” but fail, overwhelmed and do not understand what is really important in life. If we miss the essential formation of honesty, we will seek to replace the meaningful with the meaningless.

Is your child’s life full of meaning or just wanting more? Does your child care about his friends or is he living to impress them? Do your kids know their worth, or are they jealous when others receive compliments?

So help your child focus on honesty rather than success.

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