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4 yoga exercises to reduce stress on fingers

4 exercises yoga Fingers – The mudra below will relieve stress on the fingers when having to work a lot.

1. How to practice finger yoga – mudra

The word “mudra” mainly refers to the positions of the fingers and hands, which are connected in different ways. There are hundreds of mudra poses. The popular movement is formed by some meditators by combining the thumb and forefinger.

The hands are full of energy to perform the mudra, no fingers are left loose.

This requires great concentration, reinforced by focusing on every feeling and on the desired goal, especially equanimity. As with mindfulness meditation, hand yoga helps reduce stress.

Mudra can be practiced while sitting, during meditation or along with another form of yoga.

2. Best time and place to practice mudra

You should choose a mudra exercise and repeat it daily 3 to 4 times a day, for a few minutes, for at least 21 days. This allows you to master it so that you can then redo it as you wish.

This move is quite discreet and you can practice it anywhere and anytime in your daily life.

Of course we will be more comfortable when sitting, but this is not a necessary condition.

3. Benefits of practicing mudra

This is an energy practice, which considers that a person works on an energy flow that passes through the body. If some scientific studies have been done on mudras, claiming that mudras are not effective, their benefits are mainly confirmed by practitioners.

But this type of yoga — the practice of these poses done in concentration, breathing, and self-centeredness — has been shown to reduce physical and mental stress.

4. The mudra . exercise

When performing these movements, French yoga teacher Fabienne Bégaud recommends breathing gently at once for four beats: Inhale, hold the breath for a short while, then exhale and practice a pause. new short to promote a sense of well-being.

4.1. Lotus pose fights negative feelings

We can resort to the lotus mudra pose whenever we feel stressed. Mudra is practiced once, the slower the better.

Doing: Cross your arms across your chest. The thumbs and little fingers are in contact with each other, similar to the last knuckles of the other fingers, kept slightly flexed. This position forms like a flower bud. We gradually open the hand and separate the fingers to indicate an open lotus, leaving only the thumb and little finger pressed.

If time is short, the introduction can be performed on inhalation and exhalation. If not, it can last 1 or 2 minutes, then hold this pose for 3 minutes.

4 yoga exercises to help reduce stress on fingers - Photo 1.

Lotus pose combats negative feelings.

4.2. Water god pose, reconnecting with yourself

This mudra pose can be practiced 3 to 4 times a day, when you feel stressed.

Doing: We bend the little finger of the right hand until it touches the palm, and put the thumb on it, the remaining 3 fingers are stretched. The left hand reaches to embrace the right, thumb presses on the right thumb. If possible, hold the pose for 5 minutes, breathing deeply.

4 yoga exercises to help reduce stress on fingers - Photo 2.

The water god pose reconnects with himself.

4.3. Prayer posture, against anxiety

You can practice this exercise during peak times of anxiety, but also to better control fear.

Doing: We join our hands in prayer at heart level, by applying the same pressure on both sides. At the same time, straighten your back and keep your shoulders relaxed. Hold the pose for 5 minutes, breathing deeply.

4 yoga exercises to help reduce stress on fingers - Photo 3.

Prayer pose against anxiety.

4.4. The “centered” pose, for dexterity

This movement helps to improve the strength and dexterity of the fingers.

Doing: Begin by placing your palms together, as in a prayer position. Keep your fingers in contact by slowly opening your palm and wrist until you form a globe with your hands. Then, fold the fingertips in the middle and unfold several times.

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