5 commitments at the International Conference on Sustainable Ocean Economy

On the afternoon of May 13, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Le Minh Ngan in his closing speech of the Conference emphasized that the Conference was a great success and achieved important results, including the statement of the Council of Ministers. Chairman of the Conference. This will be the basis for cooperation and implementation of activities in the coming time.

According to the Deputy Minister, over the past two working days, many reports and discussions at thematic sessions have contributed to a deeper understanding of the importance of developing the country. economy Sustainable blue seas are resilient to climate-related security challenges and risks.

At the same time, through this Conference, enhance understanding, share common efforts and promote cooperation opportunities for the health of the ocean and the welfare of the people of today and future generations.

At the meeting, the parties jointly made 5 commitments. Firstly, creating an international legal and policy environment for a sustainable marine economy and climate change adaptation, especially with vulnerable countries and stakeholders.

5 commitments at the International Conference on Sustainable Ocean Economy - 1

International Conference on Sustainable Ocean Economy and Adaptation to Climate Change.

Second, establish a comprehensive database system managed by the United Nations on the multidimensional impacts of climate change, sea level rise, and plastic waste to support the development of global response policies. .

Third, address security challenges and risks related to climate change through promoting and building practical and effective global and regional security cooperation mechanisms that take into account the economic, social, psychological, gender and other aspects.

Fourth, strengthen the resilience of sustainable marine economic development after COVID-19 and the adaptability of vulnerable countries, communities and stakeholders, including productive farmers. and fishermen, to build and develop important marine economic sectors such as marine transportation, aquaculture and fishing, marine/coastal tourism, and renewable energy sources.

Fifth, encourage investment, research, development and transfer of marine technology, switch to using new blue sea renewable energy sources and monitor the management and sustainable use of marine resources, improve awareness of sustainable marine economy, wide participation of stakeholders in decision making and policy on sustainable marine economy.

As a maritime country, Vietnam is committed to working with other countries in solving and responding to global challenges for a clean, green sea and a sustainable ocean economy. We are committed to good management and elimination of plastic waste according to the appropriate roadmap.

We believe that the results of the Conference in Hanoi will continue to be developed and perfected, contributing to the Ocean Conference organized by Norway and Palau in the near future as well as other forums and initiatives. regional and other global on sustainable ocean economy, adapting to climate change”, emphasized the Deputy Minister.

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