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79th day war: Russia launches rockets, the West tries to help Ukraine

Ukraine’s military accuses Russia of launching missiles at civilian infrastructure, while the US and Russian defense ministers have their first phone conversation since Moscow launched the operation. military in a neighboring country.

The Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army Valerii Zaluzhnyi on May 13 confirmed that in recent times Russia has continuously used Kh-22 supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles to target civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

A Ukrainian air defense missile system near the city of Sloviansk in the Donetsk Oblast


Mr. Zaluzhnyi made the allegation in a phone call with the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, according to the website. The Kyiv Independent. Zaluzhnyi said that the Russian forces each day launch 10-14 cruise missiles at civilian infrastructure.

Zaluzhnyi also said that Russian forces launched 12 cruise missiles at the Kremenchuk oil refinery in central Ukraine, and two of them were shot down by the US-made Stinger air defense system. According to Zaluzhnyi, Russia switched to cruise missiles because it did not want to use the aircraft after suffering heavy losses.

Quick view: Military campaign on the 79th, Ukraine and Russia struggled on two major fronts

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on May 13 that it had attacked the Kremenchuk oil refinery, destroying its production capacity and many fuel tanks, according to Reuters. There is no word yet on Russia’s response to the alleged targeting of civilian infrastructure. Moscow has previously denied that Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine has targeted civilian targets.

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“Extremely difficult weeks ahead”

Also on May 13, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said that his country was entering a new protracted phase of the war against Russian forces and that “extremely difficult weeks are ahead”, according to the report. The Kyiv Independent.

Minister Reznikov stressed that no one can predict when there will be a breakthrough in Ukraine’s favor, but it will take a long time for Ukraine to get Western-supplied heavy weapons to deal with Russian forces.

Minister Reznikov issued the warning in the context of Russian forces focusing on advancing in eastern Ukraine. According to CNN, two battlefields are emerging in Ukraine, with Russian troops trying to control the two regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, while Ukrainian forces try to delay and disperse the enemy’s attacks.

Britain seeks to buy Soviet-made and Russian-made weapons to supply Ukraine

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US defense secretary proposes ceasefire

In a phone call on May 13, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin asked Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to immediately implement a ceasefire in Ukraine, according to AFP.

“Secretary Austin recommended an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and stressed the importance of maintaining lines of communication,” the Pentagon said in a statement.

This is the first time since February 18 that the US and Russian defense ministers have spoken to each other, according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24.

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What does the US Chief of the General Staff say about the effectiveness of Russia’s hypersonic weapons in Ukraine?

Britain seeks to buy Soviet-made and Russian-made weapons to supply Ukraine

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace recently revealed that British foreign and defense officials are actively looking to buy Soviet and Russian-made weapons globally to supply Ukraine.

Mr. Wallace made the revelation when speaking to reporters in Washington DC on May 11 (US time), according to RT. Wallace believes that Russian authorities are also trying to do the same because Moscow is running out of weapons for the military operation in Ukraine, as this operation today turns into its 79th day.

Wallace explained that Soviet-made weapons are the best option for Ukraine in the fight against Russian forces because Ukrainian forces are used to such weapons.

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Russia changed its stance on Ukraine’s application to join the EU

UK and US defense ministers discuss ways to support Ukraine

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on May 13 that he and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin discussed next steps to support Ukraine, including military aid. “We will continue to work with unity and determination to give Ukraine what it needs to counter” Russia’s military campaign, he said.

Also on May 13, when meeting in Germany, the foreign ministers of the G7 countries (including the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan), supported the continued supply of weapons and aid to Kyiv, according to Reuters.

On the same day, the EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and policy Security Josep Borrell announced that the EU continues to provide military assistance to Ukraine worth 500 million euros, including heavy weapons such as tanks and artillery. He said the new aid package brings the total value of EU aid to Ukraine to about 2 billion euros. Borrell also said he believes that in the next few days, the EU will reach an agreement on the proposed Russian oil embargo.

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In what order will Finland and Sweden join NATO?

Russia changed its stance on Ukraine’s application to join the EU

According to Dmitry Polyanskiy, deputy head of Russia’s permanent mission to the United Nations, Moscow was not previously concerned about Ukraine’s accession to the European Union (EU), but its stance has now changed. Unherd News.

Mr. Polyanskiy explained that the catalyst that led to Moscow’s change of position has been Brussels’ behavior since Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine at the end of February. Moscow feels the EU has fully sided with the EU. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) led by the United States.

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Turkey opposes Finland and Sweden joining NATO

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that it was unlikely that his country would support Finland and Sweden’s entry into NATO, arguing that these Nordic countries are “home to many terrorist organisations”.

“We are monitoring developments regarding Sweden and Finland, but we do not have a positive view,” Erdogan told reporters in Istanbul, according to Reuters. Erdogan also said that NATO was wrong to accept Greece as a member of this alliance in the past.

“As Turkey, we don’t want to repeat the same mistake. Moreover, Scandinavian countries are guest houses for terrorist organizations,” Erdogan said.

Turkey has officially supported NATO expansion since joining the alliance 70 years ago. Any decision on NATO expansion must reach the consensus of all member states, according to Reuters.

Russia says Finland’s accession to NATO is a security threat, will be ready to respond

Meanwhile, Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde said on May 13 that the country still hopes to receive the support of all NATO members if it applies to join. Ms. Linde also emphasized that Sweden and Finland receive strong support from important countries with which Turkey has an interest in maintaining good relations.

Linde added that she would discuss the situation at an informal meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Berlin later this week. Sweden and Finland were both invited to that meeting. Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto said he would meet his Turkish counterpart in Berlin on Wednesday, May 14, according to Reuters.

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