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A series of ‘big guys’ landed, Binh Phuoc real estate heated up

Strong attraction, real estate “giants” landed

Although it is a latecomer market, experts estimate that Binh Phuoc is increasingly developing and becoming an investment bright spot in the southern region thanks to its sustainable development advantages.

Recently, Binh Phuoc has focused on promoting investment in transport infrastructure with a series of expressway, national highway and regional road projects being built and upgraded. Along with that, the province also introduced changes in the investment incentive mechanism to attract capital.

The advantages of policies calling for investment, strong construction traffic infrastructure and low real estate prices have created a special attraction for Binh Phuoc in the eyes of real estate and industrial investors. . Recently, many big companies have flocked to Binh Phuoc to explore investment opportunities and develop many large-scale projects such as Dat Xanh Group, Vingroup, HUD…

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Many real estate giants flock to Binh Phuoc with a series of trillion projects. Illustration

In addition, Binh Phuoc province has also approved for investment in surveying, planning and proposing a number of tourism and education projects…

In particular, industrial giants are also strongly entering the Binh Phuoc market. Typically, Becamex – the leading “eagle” to promote industry and economy in Binh Duong has also set foot in Binh Phuoc and deployed many billion-dollar industrial zones.

In addition to domestic enterprises, Binh Phuoc is also the destination of prestigious investors in the world such as Thai CP, Turkish Hayat, Sung Ju – Samsung, etc.

The positive signals from the landing of the real estate and industrial giants have shown the heat of the Binh Phuoc market. This not only promotes economic development but also has a strong impact on the booming Binh Phuoc real estate market in the coming time.

Real estate market grows strongly

The investment wave of the “big guys” is creating long-term strengths for Binh Phuoc real estate. Not only real estate “giants” but many small businesses and individual investors flock here to learn about the market and welcome the “wave” of profitable investment.

A representative of a real estate business owner in Binh Phuoc said that from the end of 2021 until now, the Binh Phuoc real estate market has become much busier. Especially after the time of separation because of the Covid-19 epidemic, many investors have come to this locality looking for opportunities, mainly investors in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

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Infrastructure is the core factor driving the booming real estate market

According to the infrastructure wave, land prices in some areas with strong traffic in Binh Phuoc also increased sharply. Typically, at DT 753, real estate prices increased 2-3 times; Real estate along National Highway 14, near industrial parks, has also increased by 3 times,… Trading transactions have been bustling, the number of transactions from the beginning of 2022 up to now has increased by 1.5 times compared to the previous period. end of 2021.

Along with that, the number of real estate transactions in Binh Phuoc has also increased sharply, especially in land plots and commercial townhouses that are fully built, well-planned and licensed to build in areas. Busy areas such as Dong Xoai, Chon Thanh, Dong Phu, etc.

For example, the Mega Royal City project is located on National Highway 14, the central area of ​​Dong Xoai city. This is a townhouse project adjacent to the construction of 1 ground and 2 floors, completing the modern and methodical infrastructure.

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Perspective of Mega Royal City project

Mega Royal City project owns a prime location, stretching 1.7km of National Highway 14 and close to Dong Xoai I Industrial Park with nearly 30,000 employees. The project has a total investment of VND 1,500 billion with a scale of 17 hectares, including nearly 1,000 commercial townhouses (shophouses) built with a ground floor and two floors, forming a busy commercial street.

Besides, Mega Royal City also owns the advantage of convenient traffic connection with key traffic routes. Outstanding as it only takes 15 minutes to move with Dong Xoai city center and easily connects with Ho Chi Minh City – Chon Thanh – Dong Phu – Dong Xoai highways. This is a project that has been approved for the 1/500 plan, all products have their own books, long-term ownership, ensuring absolute attention for investors.

With an expected price of 3.5 billion VND/unit, high price growth room, good liquidity, the Mega Royal City project is expected to become a bright spot to attract real estate investors, bringing offers investors attractive profitable opportunities.

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