After a ‘war of words’ with fans, Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang apologized

Early morning of May 14, Dong Nhi Posted a long letter when entangled in a series of noises with true fans. The singer said that her previous sharing was written in a time of lack of composure, loss of control, causing things to go wrong and affect loved ones. She lost sleep and thought a lot about her words to her fans.

“Honestly, Nhi never wanted that to happen. Nhi affirmed that Nhi has never and never turned her back on her fans. Receiving the love of the audience is a great happiness of the artist. And Nhi is the lucky one to have that with a FC that loves her unconditionally, accompanying Nhi since the days when Nhi was just a teenage singer. Nhi never forgot and Nhi is forever grateful for that. “she shared.

After a 'war of words' with fans, Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang apologized - 1

Dong Nhi had to apologize after receiving criticism from the audience.

Dong Nhi said to her, fans are her second family. She felt sad when she couldn’t change as the audience expected. She admitted: “It’s Nhi is wrong because Nhi is the source of everything. La Nhi is not good enough to make the fans happy, it’s Nhi’s team is not good enough to be able to do everything as you expect. Nhi will listen, Because of course, Nhi wants to go up and always be new.

The blood, enthusiasm for work is always burning in Nhi. Nhi once said, you give Nhi youth, give Nhi love, Nhi will always strive every day to become more perfect herself, so that you can be proud of Nhi, whom you can always be proud of. you have always put your trust. But I hope everyone understands Nhi, each person will have different choices at different stages of life.”

The “Bad boy” singer said she will not delete the old post because she will be responsible for what she said. However, the female singer will hide because her fans do not want to read those sentences again. She also does not want to keep negative things on social networks and considers this a great lesson in her 14 years of career. In the end, Dong Nhi affirmed that she was still herself, a wife and mother of a small family. She also apologized and thanked all the audience.

After a 'war of words' with fans, Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang apologized - 2

She admitted that previous criticisms of fans were written while losing her temper.

Mr. Cao Thang also spoke for the first time on his personal page in front of his wife a few hours. As the head of Dong Nhi’s management company, he apologized to the audience and admitted all mistakes on his part.

“Win is really the one who has to take responsibility for letting things get out of control, all the blame is on Thang. Thang apologizes to everyone for letting the story go so far and sadly like this. Thang and the people who accompanied Nhi will definitely overcome unnecessary mistakes, improve and listen more. Again, sorry to everyone!”he wrote.

After a

Mr. Cao Thang spoke up to admit all mistakes on behalf of his wife.

Although both have apologized, this “storm” may not be over yet. In the comments section, besides words of comfort and encouragement, there were still many angry and dissatisfied viewers with Dong Nhi’s previous behavior.

In recent days, the incident between the Dong Nhi crew and the fans has become a controversial topic on social networks. A big fan of the female singer’s crew won the YouTube channel that this person built to support the idol, and at the same time condemned the unprofessional way of working of some members of Dong Nhi’s management company. . Nothing would have happened if Dong Nhi hadn’t posted a status line saying that fans were not respecting her, the bad elements had affected the entire Dong Nhi FC team.

“Don’t think I’ve changed, it was you who made me scared when I had to face you, smiling faces talking to me and then posting offensive words about me on social networks? Is it love?… I would like to confirm that FC Dong Nhi’s YouTube channel belongs to the company from the beginning, there is no robbery here, and the company has never asked you to help build it. , it’s all voluntary! Why do you say otherwise now?”Dong Nhi’s words are like cold water to fans.

After Dong Nhi’s post, fans expressed their displeasure when she not only failed to appease fans but also caused a huge wave of controversy. There are many opinions that the female singer is continuing to not listen to suggestions, resolutely protecting the crew and not realizing the mistakes that the crew has made to correct and deny all the efforts of support. fans over the years to side with the crew without any positive reform.

Before this noise, the audience repeatedly attacked and attacked brands and units that used Dong Nhi’s image to call for a boycott of the female singer.

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