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Beijing people flock to supermarkets before rumors of blockade

This situation has caused some supermarkets to be overloaded in a short time and local officials have immediately spoken to reassure people.

Long lines of people queuing in front of supermarkets and food stores are images that can be seen in many neighborhoods in Beijing on May 12. A rumor appeared on social media about the Chinese capital’s large-scale blockade for 3 days, affecting the psychology of many people, causing them to rush to hoard food.

Some essential items such as vegetables quickly run out. Although supermarkets have rushed to fill the stalls continuously, it is difficult to avoid chaos. City officials have denied the blockade information and urged people to stay calm, avoid negatively affecting the anti-epidemic process, and reassure that the food supply will not be interrupted.

China: Beijingers flocked to supermarkets before rumors of a blockade - Photo 1.

Many Beijing residents rushed to buy and hoard food. (Photo: Business Insider)

The police then found the woman who spread the rumors and said they would take appropriate measures such as house arrest. However, in this situation, quite a few people still kept their composure.

Mr. Zhang, a resident of Beijing city, said: “Actually, a few days ago I also hoarded food, but when I heard the rumors, I wasn’t in a hurry to go shopping. I think everyone here No need to worry too much. Beijing is a tier 1 city, there will be no shortage of supply.”

In the last three days of this week, Beijing has conducted a new round of testing. Currently, the city is still applying the “Zero COVID” strategy with the shutdown of the public transport system and taxi services, the closure of some shopping malls, entertainment and tourist attractions, and the Clear some buildings with COVID-19 cases.

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