Believe in the young generation

During 30 years of establishment and development, human resources has always been a key problem of NovaGroup. In addition to the superior remuneration policy, professional working environment, the development and nurturing of financial talents is the “trump card” for NovaGroup to both ensure quality human resources and develop the successor team during the period. new development phase, aiming to become the leading economic development and investment group in Vietnam.

Specifically, businesses have had more flexibility in recruitment policies, simplified the strict criteria of years of experience and combat skills, creating opportunities for the young generation to develop their careers right away. after leaving the school chair.

Typical is the campaign The Next Novator 2022. The program is designed by leading human resources experts at NovaGroup, helping young people to discover their potential and develop their expertise. This is considered a pioneering activity, affirming the corporation’s efforts in finding young employees, and a “rare and hard to find” opportunity for candidates to learn and experience real life, thereby developing. self.

The Next Novator 2022: Believe in the young generation - 1

The Next Novator 2022 promises to open up many opportunities for the young generation.

NovaGroup representative said: “NovaGroup always appreciates building a young workforce, serving the human resource development strategy as well as contributing to society’s elite workforce. The Group will create maximum conditions for potential candidates to access top experts and key personnel. At the same time, the projects that NovaGroup and other corporations are developing are also a solid launch pad for the children to make great strides on their future career path.”

The Next Novator program will officially receive applications right in May 2022 with 2 parts: Preliminary and Interview. 100 selected candidates will enter the training program with many interesting challenges, taking place within 4 months.

Specifically, in the first 3 weeks, candidates receive intensive theoretical training and practical work orientation by leading experts of NovaGroup Training Center. In addition, the overview information about NovaGroup ecosystem and the areas the Group invests and develops is also updated in detail.

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Also during this period, candidates have the opportunity to discover interesting things about NovaGroup’s personnel structure, organization and corporate culture, experience the working environment at one of the leading prestigious corporations. Vietnam is the best place to work in Asia.

In the next 3 months, candidates directly participate in practical work in specialized departments of NovaGroup with specific KPIs and work items. At the end of the program, the best candidates will receive an official position at NovaGroup with a very competitive salary and welfare regime.

The Next Novator is an annual program organized by NovaGroup, starting from 2022. The object of the program is students who have completed the program with a GPA equivalent to 7.0/10 and young employees with up to 2 years of experience. work in the related field. The main recruitment industries include construction, design, architecture, human resources, business administration, accounting, administration…

“The Next Novator” – Transform Future Your Way

NovaGroup’s recruitment program is dedicated to young human resources – giving candidates a solid foundation and the opportunity to develop their abilities, synergizing with the Novator team to realize high-class projects.

Accompanying The Next Novator 2022 are many interesting activities:

  • May 14: Exciting Job Fair at Foreign Trade University
  • May 15: Many attractive opportunities at Banking University
  • May 29: Online Job Fair at Polytechnic University

Update the latest information about the program at: https://www.thenextnovator.com.vn/

Recruitment Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NovaGroupCareer

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