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Bentley cars are getting heavier and heavier

Recent models of the British super luxury brand are getting heavier and heavier, and are about to hit the 3,500 kg payload limit in the driving license.

While some recently launched models are often marketed as larger, more modern, but lighter than older versions or older generations thanks to lighter materials, in reality many other models are not. heavier and heavier.

The Bentley Bentayga Long Wheelbase (EWB) is the perfect example of an increasingly heavier car. The weight of the super SUV is 2,514 kg and the payload is 3,250 kg. These numbers are close to the limit of vehicle weight allowed to drive on a B-class driving license in Europe. Therefore, the British car company wants to ensure that customers in Europe will not face a driving ban just because the Bentley is too heavy.

Super SUV Bentayga 2023 long wheelbase version.

Super SUV Bentayga 2023 long wheelbase version has just been launched this week. Image: Bentley

According to a class B driving license in Europe, drivers are allowed to operate cars with a maximum payload (MAM) of no more than 3,500 kg and designed to carry no more than 8 people including the driver. That is, the payload of the Bentayga is only 250 kg less than the allowable limit.

In a recent Bentayga EWB introduction event, a Bentley representative admitted to CarSales that parent group Volkswagen is lobbying at the European Commission (EC) to agree a higher limit in this continent. The Crewe, UK-based automaker is currently the “heaviest” brand under the Volkswagen group, with an average weight of 2,308 kg across the entire range.

Bentley’s situation now seems to be different from that of BMW. According to Christoph Fagschlunger – project manager of the new 7 series – the German automaker’s new models will not be heavier. The two heaviest products currently of BMW are i7 (2,640 kg) and X7 (2,480 kg).

But are luxury electric cars subject to the regulation of less than 3.5 tons in Europe? Bentley thinks no because electrified cars will be fundamentally heavier than cars with internal combustion engines.

For example, on the Hummer EV pickup model, the battery pack alone weighs 1,325 kgwhich is heavier than many car models like Mitsubishi Mirage or Hyundai Accent.

“The law is meant to encourage companies to make cars as light as possible to save fuel, but does that work for electric vehicles?” asked Chriz Cole, Bentayga product manager.

With Bentley’s upcoming electric car line-up scheduled to launch in 2025, the weight and payload of these super-luxury models could increase and be even closer to the current limit.

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