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Breakthrough technology detects gastrointestinal cancer in just a few hours

On May 18, the high-end endoscopic technology MCU will be officially applied at Thu Cuc TCI Medical System. This is considered a new breakthrough in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal cancer to introduce advanced endoscopic technology capable of identifying and early interventional treatment of gastrointestinal cancer in just one endoscopy.

According to a representative of Thu Cuc TCI Medical System, this is a combination of MCE (color magnifying endoscope) and EUS (endoscopic ultrasound) technology to detect, diagnose, determine the extent of invasion and intervention to remove early cancerous tumors in one laparoscopic procedure.

Method to detect gastrointestinal cancer in an unexpectedly short time - Photo 1.

Doctors performed endoscopy to detect gastrointestinal cancer in just a few hours. Photo: BVCC

According to medical experts, these outstanding breakthroughs in endoscopic technology help patients reduce the number of times they have to undergo endoscopy when early cancer is suspected in the digestive tract.

The MCU helps doctors closely observe the digestive tract from the inside, minimizing the loss of damage thanks to the ability to magnify the image hundreds of times. When detecting a lesion, it is possible to directly stain the lesion with a specialized substance. The staining agent helps to clarify the surface structure, lesion boundaries and prognosis of lesion nature.

In addition, endoscopic ultrasound will help determine the extent of invasion. MCU endoscopy combined with instant biopsy, patients will know the results in a few hours instead of days like other methods.

In case the lesion is precancerous or cancerous at a very early stage, the doctor will remove it right away during laparoscopic surgery without the need for laparotomy thanks to the EMR mucosal resection, lower dissection. ESD mucosa.

The endoscopic MCU technology is not only a breakthrough in early diagnosis of gastrointestinal cancer, but also in the ability to help predict melanoma to intervene in the treatment of cancer at a very early stage, in a single visit. performed without laparotomy.

Gastrointestinal cancer is a common cancer with a high mortality rate. According to Globocan 2020, in Vietnam, stomach cancer ranks in the top 4, colon cancer ranks in the top 5 in the most common cancers. In 2020, Vietnam has 37,016 new cases of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract (esophagus, stomach, colorectal). Of which, there were 25,898 deaths, accounting for 70%.

The main cause of high mortality is that most patients are detected at a late stage. Whereas colorectal cancer is detected early (when the lesion is still localized in the mucosa, has not invaded the surrounding muscle tissue), the cure rate is more than 90%.

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