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Change the wind with 2 extremely interesting and “value for money” entertainment activities on the Saigon River

When asked “What does Ho Chi Minh City have to do?”, people here are familiar with entertainment activities such as watching movies, walking the streets at night, eating and drinking, weekend shopping and checking-in at 7749 cafes. coffee from a few years of operation experience until just opened. Have you ever tried to see this bustling city by dropping yourself on the Saigon River? If not, then try the 2 activities below right now, have fun and learn a lot of cool things at the same time.

Try sitting on the Water Bus to see the city

Officially launched in 2017, Water Bus created a huge wave of check-ins and reviews at that time because many people were curious about the form of buses operating on this river. Up to now, the experience of riding a river bus is still one of the favorite relaxing activities in Ho Chi Minh City because the fare cannot be more affordable. Just spend only 15k, this special bus will take you around the districts and see the magnificent and massive constructions, see many other aspects of the city.

Photo: Duyen Duyen, Quach Truong Son, @_mintam

Each bus has an extremely bright, spacious and comfortable space with 2 main paint colors, yellow and white. Inside are 6 rows of seats divided on 2 sides, in the middle is the aisle. In addition, under each row of seats are equipped with life jackets. This bus will take you through famous bridges such as Saigon Bridge, Thu Thiem Bridge, close-up view of the monumental Landmark 81 building or the luxurious Vinhomes Central Park urban area. It is rare to see the great development of Ho Chi Minh City like this, the feeling will certainly be very different.

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Photo: Cam Tu, @atis_phan

Water Bus will go through 4 stations: Bach Dang Station (District 1), Binh An Station (District 2), Thanh Da Station (Binh Thanh District) and Linh Dong Station (Thu Duc City). Usually, there will be a new departure every 1 hour. So you remember to watch the time to come so you don’t have to wait too long.

Change the wind with 2 extremely interesting and value-for-money entertainment activities on the Saigon River - Photo 3.

Detailed operating hours (Photo: Saigon Waterbus)

Some essential information:

– Want to experience Water Bus, you go to Bach Dang Wharf – 10B Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

– About 20m from the Water Bus welcome gate, there is a car park with a chestnut cost, only 6k/car.

– You can buy tickets at the counter at the station or book tickets online in advance. However, it is advisable to buy tickets at the counter to avoid traffic jams or get lost and arrive late for the train. Tickets once booked online are non-refundable.

Or rowing SUP to watch the sunset is equally chill

Have you ever heard of a West in the heart of the city or watching the sunset from a “floating” coordinate? That coordinate is rowing SUP on the Saigon River. In recent years, SUP rowing has become a popular water sport activity with people in HCMC. Although not a new subject, this activity always attracts people because of the new feeling, especially for those who like adventure and adventure.

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Photo: Song Uyen, @vietanh1502

SUP (Stand Up Paddle board) is a form of standing rowing, stand-up paddleboarding. Participants will sit or stand on a board, using paddles to navigate the water. Before rowing, you will be taught basic techniques including rowing forward, backward, left, right and how to handle when falling into the water.

Photo: Cathy Chan, Jodie Tran, @jasmine_meo

In addition to physical training, rowing SUP can also combine sightseeing. While paddling, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Saigon River or the bustling traffic scene when you paddle to the Saigon Bridge. At sunset, let go of the rowing hands and lie on the board, float naturally and then watch the sunset, nothing is more chill. In addition, if you paddle further, you will reach Rach Dua, where there are rows of cool green water coconuts. You can stop by to buy fresh coconut to drink on the spot if thirsty.

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Photo: Song Uyen, @annalybichngoc

Summer is here, but looking back over and over, only swimming pools and water parks are a bit boring, right? Then invite your close friends to go SUP boating, both relaxing and dust-free, make sure you don’t take money if you’re not happy.

Some essential information:

– Places that often organize SUP rowing such as Landmark 81, the foot of Phu My Bridge (District 7), Anh Sao Bridge (District 7), Saigon Bridge (District 2),… Or places that provide this service like Go SUP, Saigon Paddle Station, Saigon SUP Club.

– Cost about 350k/ SUP on weekdays and 450k/ SUP on weekends.

– Should contact the SUP rental in advance to ask about the schedule. Locations and times are subject to change, as only SUP can be paddled at high tide.

– Remember to apply sunscreen and should wear a shirt and long pants to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.

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