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Chinese people give up Huawei phones and choose iPhones

High selling price, normal configuration, old technology are among the reasons why Huawei phones are no longer as popular as iPhones.

Huawei began to be restricted by the US government from May 2019. Immediately after the ban, many Chinese declared boycott iPhone, support Huawei smartphones. However, three years after the ban, reports on sales in the Chinese smartphone market show the opposite.

Counterpoint’s statistics in the first quarter of 2022 show that Huawei’s growth rate decreased by 64.2% compared to the same period last year. Its share also decreased from 15% to 6.2%, making it no longer in the top 5. Meanwhile, its market share increased from 14.7% to 17.9% thanks to high sales of the company. iPhone 13.

Sina Another statistic shows that, in the high-end smartphone segment, priced at 5,000-8,000 yuan (VND 17-27 million), Huawei’s market share is only 15.1% while Apple dominates with 72.4 %. The rest belongs to Oppo (3.96%), Vivo (1.5%), Honor (2%), Xiaomi (2.1%), and some others.

China's smartphone market share in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the first quarter of 2022.  Source: Counterpoint

China’s smartphone market share in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the first quarter of 2022. The source: Counterpoint

One of the reasons for Huawei’s decline is that it doesn’t have a phone to sell. Due to the US ban, it is very difficult for Chinese users to find new Huawei smartphones.

Meanwhile, although Apple only releases a certain number of iPhone versions each year, its product range ranges from 3,500 yuan (VND 12 million) to 13,500 yuan (VND 46 million). “Users have many options when buying an iPhone, while Huawei’s mobile phones are getting less and less. If they have to spend a few thousand yuan, users will prefer to buy an Apple phone for peace of mind.” Sina user comments.

The next problem lies in the price and configuration. In addition to increasing the prices of newly launched models, many old Huawei models also increased by 400-500 yuan (1.3-1.7 million dong), according to a survey of Huawei. Reuters. Some top models such as the Mate 30 RS Porsche Design have been offered for sale for 14,000 yuan (48 million dong), while the original price is only 10,000 yuan (34 million dong). Mate X2 launched last year costs from 18,000 yuan (64 million), much more expensive than competitors.

Besides, many people decide to quit Huawei and choose Apple because in the same price range, they can buy iPhones with a new chip, 5G support, stable operation instead of Kirin chip. “I really want to support Huawei but can’t spend a lot of money to buy a smartphone that doesn’t have 5G, uses Harmony operating system with few applications. Based on economic benefits, I have to choose iPhone”, user Yuyu No wrote on Weibo.

“Huawei is confident that its 5G is leading the world, but its new smartphone cannot use this technology”, technology page Sina comment.

Experts predict that, with a shrinking market share and more and more people turning away, Huawei’s mobile business is facing many challenges, leaving the slice of market share in the hands of Apple.

Khuong Nha (according to Sina)

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