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Collection of unruly “eating habits” of young people

Eat and watch the pot, sit and watch your friend … unruly order

As the “fast-moving” generation, catching trends and changing quickly, Gen Z has a diverse, disruptive and somewhat unruly lifestyle. Food taste is a prime example.

If in the past, grandparents had a saying “eat and watch the pot, sit and watch the direction”, then for today’s gen Z, in a group of friends, this saying will turn into “eat and watch the pot, sit and watch your friend order unruly”. . Because in a group of friends, there is definitely one who “owns” a taste in food like no other.

At the photo contest “Food seconds hungry” by beFood held recently, Gen Z had the opportunity to “unveil” the opposite eating preferences of their best friends or even themselves.

Collection of unruly

The noodle dish without shrimp paste causes “discomfort” for the team that loves vermicelli. Photo: Ngoc Bich

Collection of unruly

Mussels touch multi-sentiment bread. Photo: Toan Ong.

Collection of unruly

Butter but must be cut differently to be able to eat. Photo: Bui Thi Thanh Truc

Collection of unruly

Rice paper dipped with peach heart chicken with butter. Photo: Minh Tuan

Collection of unruly

The egg-free fried dough is inspiring. Photo: Ti Ti Ngoc

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the number of these “horror habits” is so much that it can be collected into a collection. Even, every time at the shop, if you order, many shop owners will probably “shake their heads” bored.

Best friends can “criticize” but beFood doesn’t criticize

It’s miserable to have a close friend with such a perverse “eating habit”, isn’t it? Every time you go to eat, you must be afraid in your heart whether the owner of the restaurant “refuses to serve” or gives the whole group a “cursing scene”?

And you yourself, who have a different “eating habit” like everyone else, will have times when they are “considered” and afraid to go to a crowded restaurant for fear that the restaurant cannot meet the requirements.

However, understanding the heart of Gen Z, beFood shippers will have the opposite “eating habits” in all universes. Whether you order pearl milk tea with everyone’s sugar or a piece of multi-sentiment cake, beFood still delivers to your place.

Collection of unruly

With such a way of eating, the young people themselves must admit that few people can “pamper” like beFood. Photo: Cuu Man.

In addition to strange orders, with beFood you can also order food at any time such as a hot pot boiling in the middle of a rainy night, or a portion of beef noodle soup in the midday sun. With beFood, you don’t need to go far or “struggle” with the weather.

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