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Enterprises are afraid to change the argument… cost

The business community in Ho Chi Minh City is excited about digital conversion, especially since COVID-19. However, businesses said that when embarking on implementation, there are many dilemmas such as business model transformation, personnel issues, especially costs, because not all businesses invest in transformation. numbers also win.

Efficiency seen since digital transformation

As a start-up company in the field of technology, PITO technology company (Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City) pays great attention to digital transformation in all operating methods from customer management system to customer service. Administration and human resources management.

Ms. Ho Kim Hien, in charge of the Operations Department of PITO, said: “In the past, each customer who took care of customers on a daily basis could handle about 5 orders/day, the quantity was not much because it had to go through many operating processes. With the digital transformation, now, all the Customers can actively choose the partners they want with their budget and menu.Currently, one customer service can handle 8-10 times more orders than the previous efficiency. “.

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Some businesses have recorded the initial effectiveness from digital transformation.

In the service sector, real estate is a fairly strong group of businesses with digital transformation, especially after the COVID-19 epidemic, they see business advantages on more favorable platforms. Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh, General Director of Dong Tay Land Joint Stock Company (Thu Duc City), said: “We recorded a revenue increase of more than 30% since applying technology and digital transformation into management and business”.

Efficiency in businesses also partly reflects the increasingly significant contribution of digital transformation in the current economy. In 2022, the digital economy’s contribution to Ho Chi Minh City’s overall economy is measured for the first time, accounting for 14.41% of the city’s GRDP structure in 2021.

Most businesses frankly admit that digital transformation is helping them transform quickly and reach more customers, but when they start working, many businesses still don’t know where to start.

Fear of cost and concern about human resources

Just introduced about the technology room, Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh added: “The enterprise has applied a number of technologies such as using drones and VR 360 systems, Kuula… to build 360 images for customers to monitor progress, location, and ground at any place and time. any”. However, he also said that the cost of doing digital transformation is quite high and not all businesses dare to do it, especially when it is not sure whether it will be 100% successful or not.

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Enterprises are afraid of costs and worry about human resources when doing digital transformation.

In the same opinion, the representative of the startup company PITO also assessed that the digital transformation process is inevitable but cost is an obstacle. In the current wave of digital transformation, the company needs to do thorough research to come up with the most effective, economical and suitable solutions for the business model of the business, and at the same time must train, train or replace new personnel to match the digital transformation model of the business.

According to a recent survey by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), 23.8% surveyed enterprises know about digital transformation but lack financial and human resources to implement.

Earlier, during a dialogue with leaders of Ho Chi Minh City on building a digital transformation strategy for the city in 2022, hundreds of businesses also proposed to soon have a mechanism to support businesses to do digital transformation, because For many businesses digital transformation is a vital path to development, they cannot stand by but have to get involved, afraid to invest a lot of money but not all wins is the immediate reality.

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