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From ancient mythology to modern science

Time travel: From ancient mythology to modern science - Photo 1.

Scientist Pellegrino Ernetti and the Chronovisor are said to be able to see into the past.

In fact, traveling into the future or returning to the past has captivated the imagination of mankind for centuries.

While many people think that this is a myth, there are also some prominent scientists who have researched to see if this possibility becomes a reality or not.

In ancient mythology

In ancient texts, some allusions to time travel can be found. According to Hindu mythology, King Raivata Kakudmi went to see his creator Brahma on a brief trip, but by the time he returned to Earth, 108 yugas had passed (according to legend, each yuga represents about 4 million five).

The explanation that Brahma gives to Kakudmi is that time takes place differently in different planes of existence.

In the Quran there is a story about a group of young Christians in 250 AD who sought to escape persecution and abuse.

With God’s guidance, they reached a cave and began to fall asleep. When they woke up, 309 years had passed. This coincides with the Christian story of the Seven Sleepers, with slight differences.

Another story originates from the Japanese legend of Urashima Taro, who is said to have visited the underwater palace of the Dragon God Ryujin.

He stayed there for three days, but when he returned to earth, 300 years had passed. In addition, there are many other documents alluding to time travel found in ancient mythology.

Time travel: From ancient mythology to modern science - Photo 3.

Is time travel possible?

Controversial experiments

Vietnam also has an interesting “time travel” related fairy tale. According to legend, Tu Thuc lived during the Tran Dynasty, worked as a small official in a district in Kinh Bac. Because he likes to go here, go there, see beautiful scenery and write poetry, so one day, he asked for a leave of absence from the government to satisfy himself… One day, Tu Thuc got lost in a cave without knowing he had reached the fairy realm. Marrying a fairy and living comfortably for about a year, Tu Thuc missed his hometown, so he asked his wife to let him come home for a few meals… Unexpectedly, when he returned to his hometown, the landscape was different from the past, no one remembers him. He asked his name and asked the old people in the village, an old man replied: “When I was a child, I heard that the old man of my family had the same last name as you, went missing in the mountains for more than 80 years now.” …

Perhaps the best known modern time travel story is the American Philadelphia experiment that took place in 1943, to hide a ship, making it invisible to enemy radars.

However, the experiment was said to be faulty, the ship not only disappeared completely from Philadelphia in an instant, but also teleported to Norfolk, 479 km away.

When the ship reappeared, some crew members seemed to be mentally disturbed, some disappeared completely, others recounted traveling into the future and back…

In 1960, there was a rather interesting case report of the scientist Pellegrino Ernetti, who claimed to have developed the Chronivisor, a machine that allows people to see the past. His theory was that whatever happens leaves a mark of energy that can never be destroyed.

Ernetti is said to have developed the machine to be able to detect, magnify and convert energy into an image, much like a TV showing what happened in the past.

Although, this movement has caused quite a lot of interest and controversy, but there is no concrete evidence that Chronovisor ever existed.

In the 1980s, there were reports of another controversial time travel experiment called Montauk. This is believed to be a series of secret projects of the US government to develop high technology for war, including time travel.

Whether the Philadelphia and Montauk experiment actually took place is still up for debate. It is thought, however, that the military has certainly been interested in the possibility of time travel and will engage in extensive research on the subject.

In 2004, Marlin Pohlman, a scientist, engineer and member of Mensa (the community of people with the highest IQs in the world) filed a patent application for a method to distort gravity and teleport time.

In 2013, Wasfi Alshdaifat applied for a patent for a space compressor and time dilation, which could be used to travel into the future and return to the past. But the fact of their invention is not disclosed.

In 2006, Professor of Physics Ronald Lawrence Mallett of the University of Connecticut, after researching, suggested that time travel is entirely possible in our century. Physicist Brian Cox, cited in a 2013 article in HuffPost, agrees that time travel is possible but only in one direction.

Meanwhile, Ali Razeqi, CEO of the Center for Strategic Inventions of Iran, announced in the Daily Mail that he has developed a device that can see the future anywhere, three to three miles away from the present. 5 years. But then his story disappeared from the Internet just hours after it appeared.

According to scientists, time travel is theoretically possible. Do the studies cited above bring you closer to the prospect of making time travel a reality? If so, we can only hope the technology doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

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