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Having a baby when over 40 years old, living independently and peacefully

Courage to be a single mother at the age of 40

Than Thuy Ha (born in 1978) is one of the beloved actors of the Vietnamese film industry. Thanks to her beautiful face and professional acting skills, Than Thuy Ha has pocketed many impressive roles in successful films such as: “The person standing in the wind”, “If there is still tomorrow”, “The path of sin” error”, “Tears of hatred”, “Tieu em”…

However, before becoming a bright face in the film industry, Than Thuy Ha used to be a cult model on the catwalk. She works at the same time with top supermodels in Vietnam such as Thanh Hang, Xuan Lan… Her strange face and impressive performance style have made Than Thuy Ha considered “unique” in the village. model at that time.

Talking about her career perspective for decades, since modeling until now, Than Thuy Ha opened her heart on Youth: “Since entering the artistic path, I have determined that I must do a profession. seriously, I want the audience when referring to Than Thuy Ha to refer to her works and roles, not to scandals and scandals.

Therefore, I always try to be firm on the path I have chosen. You don’t have to be famous all the time, you just need to have a small position in the hearts of the audience.”

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Although she has a smooth career, Than Thuy Ha’s love life is quite difficult. In her youth, she married her ex-husband and gave birth to her first son. But just a year later, the couple divorced. After the breakdown of her first marriage, the actress is a single mother and rarely shares her love story.

2020 much.

She suffered for 3 days and 4 nights, could not eat or sleep, and gave birth successfully. Then soon after, she continued to face the pain of blocked milk ducts, had a fever and had to be hospitalized. Not only that, Than Thuy Ha’s second child care is also hard work, twice as hard as the first time.

She told in the program “Confiding to the mother with milk”: “Since the day I brought Hera home, the baby has not had a deep sleep. I was startled to cry. I also couldn’t sleep because I had to comfort her, it was cold over there. I have to hug to keep my baby warm. I am easily stressed because of the crying of children, but the baby keeps crying. But fortunately there are times and times, but not all the time. If Duy Anh has many easy things, then the youngest aunt. quite the opposite”.

However, the actress said it was a choice of hers and she was happy with it. Therefore, she overcame all the difficulties and hardships of the days of giving birth and raising children in America.

The actress refused to share about the father of baby Hera. After her daughter was born, she also quickly returned to work to ensure economic care for the two children.

“When I was young, I wanted to have 4 children, but I got married too late. I just had a baby at 31 years old. I got divorced after a few months. When I felt that I had economic conditions to take care of my children, I didn’t want to get married. husband.

I’m not afraid but I feel like living that life more. If you like it, stay together, if you don’t like it, then dissolve, but don’t want to be bound by a wedding or marriage certificate. Therefore, the second child is in the plan as I wanted. I just want to have children, I don’t want to get married anymore.

I chose that path and prepared all the difficulties for being a single mother raising two children,” Than Thuy Ha shared about her decision to be a single mother on Tri Tri Thuc.

Having a baby when she was over 40 years old and Than Thuy Ha's peaceful and independent single mother life - Photo 2.

Than Thuy Ha’s birth at the age of 40 is an option

Satisfied with current life

Currently, Than Thuy Ha is living a very happy life with two children. Baby Hera owns the beauty from her extremely lovely mother. The actress’s eldest son is becoming more and more adult, even, he was introduced to the catwalk by his mother and received a lot of compliments from the online community.

Besides completing the roles well, Than Thuy Ha always spends time taking care of her children. The actress often goes to the kitchen to cook delicious meals for Duy Anh and Hera. She also uses her free time to plant fruit trees, garden, and exercise to maintain her figure and beauty at the age of 44.

Fortunately, Than Thuy Ha always has relatives and friends by her side to share, love and take care of the children, creating conditions for her to go to work with peace of mind. The income from acting is enough for her to take care of her parents’ lives. Therefore, she feels satisfied with her current life. The most important thing for her right now is to take care of her children, to do well at work, to stay healthy and to take care of her family.

“Perhaps, since childhood, I lived in a difficult situation, so I have a strong and stubborn nature. I don’t compare myself to anyone, or complain that I’m not as lucky as others. I always simplify things. Even when facing difficulties, I think first to face it, find a way to overcome it, and handle it the best I can. I like to take care of people and don’t want anyone to worry about me. Wherever you go, reach out to catch the waves,” she said on Vnexpress.

Having a baby when she was over 40 years old and Than Thuy Ha's peaceful and independent single mother life - Photo 3.
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