How is the only Olympia champion who did not study in Australia?

Tran The Trung – 19th year Olympia champion is majoring in Creative Applied Design at RMIT Vietnam University (Hanoi campus). This is my favorite subject since high school, after participating in many extracurricular activities as a member of the design committee.

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Tran The Trung is studying at RMIT University Vietnam. (Photo: NVCC)

In 2020, after graduating from high school, The Trung did not go to Australia to study abroad as originally planned due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Trung has about 3 months of online learning according to the curriculum of Swinburne School (Australia). However, feeling that he was not suitable, the male student decided to stop.

“I hesitated for a while before making this decision, Luckily, I have support from family and friends. So the promise to return to Vietnam after studying abroad can no longer be fulfilled. The Trung said.

Currently, The Trung is passionate about studying design at RMIT Vietnam. I consider myself a person with no artistic talent, but I always try to do my best to bring beautiful designs to everyone. “Surely no matter what profession I work in in the future, I will not give up the ‘design’ thing”The Trung said.

In addition to studying at school, Trung also spends a lot of time practicing sports, completing the job of an administrator cum designer for Shogi Vietnam Club. In particular, The Trung devoted a lot of enthusiasm to the refereeing work of the Hanoi Amateur Basketball Association’s Referee Team, as well as participating in the Hoang Thanh Basketball Agency project.

The Trung played basketball when he was a 7th grader and fell in love with this sport until now. I am also interested in refereeing and learning international basketball rules. The Trung has translated the 3×3 Basketball Competition Rules announced by the World Basketball Federation FIBA. I also compiled the official FIBA ​​Basketball Rules, because I found that the translation used by VBF (Vietnam Basketball Federation) still has some shortcomings.

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Instead of study abroad Australia, The Trung choose to study at university in Vietnam. (Photo: NVCC)

For the past 4 years, since the time of being crowned in the Olympia final, The Trung has experienced life in a rather special position – known by many people. This is also an opportunity to help me change my thinking and outlook on the world after meeting and getting to know many people. Trung became more open-minded, more accepting, and no longer trying to please everyone – like he did years ago.

“Once in that location, life will certainly have certain difficulties and interesting. spread through many things, now all I can do is keep my head up highwalking in search of the self and what belongs to mineH”, The Trung said.

The Trung hopes that Olympia – the playground of high school students will be maintained, supported and invested more in quality as well as time and effort, so that Olympia can exist as an eternal symbol. of Vietnamese students’ knowledge.

The Trung is satisfied with life and does not regret the decision 2 years ago. I also hope everyone will always respect this decision and the choices of other Olympia champions. “Whether to go to Australia or stay in Vietnam is a decision of each person and I hope to receive respect.”The Trung said.

In terms of future plans, The Trung wants to do what he loves – graphic design, shogi, calligraphy and basketball referee.

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The Trung is the 19th Olympia Champion. (Photo: NVCC)

In 2019, male student Tran The Trung (former student of Phan Boi Chau High School for the Gifted, Nghe An) won a laurel wreath in the final match of the year Road to Olympia. The Trung was awarded a scholarship to study in Australia worth $35,000.

The Trung used to be the first valedictorian in the Physics major at Phan Boi Chau School for the Gifted, Nghe An Province; Won the IOE Silver Medal (National English Olympic Competition) in 2017; Second prize at the Provincial Childhood Math Olympiad in 2013; Third Prize in Young Informatics in Nghe An Province in 2013; Olympia first prize at school level for the school year 2017 – 2018; First prize in Nghe An province’s excellent student contest in Physics for the 2018-2019 school year,…

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