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How to get QR code for Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate

In Circular No. 01/2022/TT-BTP, the Ministry of Justice has officially issued the electronic version of the Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate.

Accordingly, according to the provisions of Article 12 of Decree 87/2020/ND-CP, people who register their birth and marriage registration online will receive an electronic copy with a QR code of these civil status papers. .

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To get an electronic birth certificate and marriage registration certificate with QR code, people can follow the following steps.

Step 1: Log in to the Public Service Portal

Persons who require online civil status registration access the National Public Service Portal, the Provincial Public Service Portal to register an account and authenticate users according to the instructions.

Step 2: Register for the online procedure

After successfully logging into the account, the person requesting online civil status registration shall provide information in an electronic form, attach a photocopy or an electronic copy of the prescribed papers and documents and pay the fee. , fees through the online payment function or by other prescribed methods.

Step 3: Receive the application code to track the progress of the settlement

After completing the application, the person who requests for online civil status registration is issued with an administrative procedure file number to track and look up the progress of the application or access to complete the application. at the request of the civil status registrar.

The person who requests for civil status registration is responsible for keeping and keeping secret the code of administrative procedure file.

Step 4: Get paper and electronic results

Civil status registration results can be received by the following methods:

– Receive electronic copies of civil status papers via email, electronic data management warehouse of that organization or individual

– Receive an electronic copy of civil status papers sent to a digital device, through an appropriate data transmission method, ensuring information safety and confidentiality.

– Receive the results as civil status papers through the postal system

– Receive the results as civil status papers at the civil status registration agency.

In case of receiving results via the postal system, it is necessary to specify the address to receive the results, choose the form of guaranteed postal delivery service and pay a service fee to the postal service provider when receiving the results. result.

When there are electronic versions of these two types of paper, people do not need to carry paper documents when going to do administrative procedures.

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