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How to make the living space more fresh

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Trees are beautiful furniture that are easy to buy, suitable for many styles, contribute to promoting a positive mood, purify the air, create a more connected feeling with nature. Plants can be hung on the wall as vivid pictures, creating a small miniature area on the balcony or simply placed on a bookshelf, window, near the sofa…

Some families of plants are suitable for growing indoors such as cedar, eternal life, betel nut, orchid, spider vine, ivy, Singapore eagle… To grow well, growers need to pay attention to soil moisture. , the level of drainage to avoid root rot. Depending on the family of light-loving or shade-tolerant plants, the way to choose the location also changes accordingly.

For example, air plants (of the genus Tillandsia) should be placed next to a mist sprayer or an area with high humidity. A fan or a window is also a suitable location for the plant, the wind blowing regularly helps air circulate well, evaporates excess moisture, prevents dust from accumulating on leaves and balances the temperature in the room. With the exception of some families of cacti and succulents, most houseplants need indirect light rather than direct light.

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Architectural news site experts Archive encourage the design of the house towards minimalism, maximize the usable area to create an open living space. Multi-purpose furniture is often prioritized such as wardrobe cum bed, kitchen cabinet with dining table, hidden door… Before that, homeowners need to plan the purpose of use for each room. For example, the living room is connected to the kitchen area, which can also be an entertainment function to arrange household appliances seamlessly and comfortably.

The house welcomes the air, natural wind also helps in improving the mood and health of the occupants. So when planning to build a house or buy an apartment, windows are an important factor.

Color also plays a big part in determining people’s mood. If you are aiming for relaxation, bright and monochromatic colors such as white, yellow, blue… are suitable suggestions. Using curtains with gentle colors will help limit the harsh sunlight during the day and avoid feeling too heavy.

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Every day, each person inhales an average of 10,000 liters of air. Air quality has a major impact on a person’s health. Therefore, more and more families are using air purifiers to improve the quality of their living space, providing a cleaner atmosphere.

In particular, LG, with a focus on consumer electronics, also offers many options for users. In addition to the high-end segment, this year the company added a mid-range option – the PuriCare Pro air purifier, which is expected to launch in May. With this device, users can experience LG’s modern air purification technology. with a more comfortable price, modern design, suitable for many interior styles.

In order to increase operational efficiency, the machine is equipped with a specialized multi-membrane filter, which provides high standard air filtration efficiency. The first is a coarse filter that helps to filter out large dust particles, hair, and fur; Next is the HEPA anti-allergy filter that captures fine dust PM 10, PM 2.5, PM 1.0 and PM0.02, sand dust, allergens such as pollen or dust mites and mold. The innermost deodorizing film will eliminate formaldehyde compounds – the cause of respiratory diseases.

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The device is capable of eliminating both SO2 and NO2 in smoke and odors in the house. These emissions often cause shortness of breath, burning throat, stuffy nose or pneumonia, respiratory inflammation. The ion generator releases more than two million ions to enhance the sterilization effect, protecting the user from harmful agents such as viruses, bacteria and allergens.

PuriCare Pro has a modern PM1.0 fine dust and gas sensor. Through the screen and smart display lights, users will easily recognize the status of indoor air quality. Specifically, the screen displays the odor and dust concentration of PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0 through 4 colors and real-time data. Capturing air quality gives users peace of mind, making it easier to effectively control the filtration process. At the same time, the company also equips with core technologies and intelligent reversing motors, helping to create strong performance, significantly reducing noise.

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The machine has a circular cylindrical design with soft edges, towards elements of sophistication, elegance and aesthetics. This shape also creates a sense of friendliness and comfort in the living space. PuriCare Pro was awarded the Red Dot Design Award for outstanding ergonomic design.

The company representative expressed the expectation that the LG PuriCare Pro air purifier will become an effective and economically reasonable solution for every family to experience. With an ideal operating area of ​​35 m2the machine is suitable for use in medium-sized apartments, or used in many living rooms, dining rooms, children’s rooms…

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