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“I affirm that I have never and never turned my back on fans”

Recently, Dong Nhi Officially apologize between noisy crew “robbed” YouTube channel of fans. The singer shared, for the past two days, she couldn’t sleep and thought a lot about everything going on around. Dong Nhi I apologize for letting my story bother everyone. She said that the article she posted on May 12 was written while “losing her temper”.

Mr. Cao Thang’s wife shared: “The past two days, after posting that status, I couldn’t sleep and thought a lot about everything that has been happening around me. Actually, working for many years, I’ve never made a fuss because more than anyone else, I never wanted to go down the scandalous path.So with this incident, first of all, I would like to sincerely apologize for the story. personally, within the company and his FC have bothered people who do not want to see negative things on social networks.

Dong Nhi:

Dong Nhi: “I affirm that I have never and never turned my back on fans”. (Photo: FBNV)

After re-reading the status I wrote while losing my temper, I know that I have hurtful words and inappropriate words, leading to misunderstandings that make things go wrong and affect others. love yourself. But honestly, I never wanted that to happen.”

Next, Dong Nhi affirmed that she has never and never turned her back on her fans. “Receiving the love of the audience is a great happiness for an artist. And I am a lucky person to have that with a FC that loves me unconditionally, accompanying me since the days when I was just a singer. I never forgot and I am forever grateful for that.

For me, fans are also my second family. And the family is sometimes warm, sometimes “the rice is not healthy, the soup is not sweet”, sad when I can’t change the things you want, you are angry with me, I am angry with you, and then Whatever happened, we all knew… it was heartbreaking and I didn’t know what to do at that time,” Dong Nhi expressed.

Dong Nhi:

Mr. Cao Thang affirmed: “Me and Dong Nhi will fix the error”. (Photo: FBNV)

Dong Nhi admits that she is the source of everything. The female singer said that because she was not good enough to make the fans satisfied, the crew was not good enough to be able to do everything as the fans expected. Dong Nhi shared: “I will listen and pray because of course, I want to go up and always be new. The blood, enthusiasm for work is always burning in me, I once said, You give me my youth, give me love, I will always try my best every day to become more perfect myself, so that you can be proud of me, the person you have always placed your trust in. believe.

But I hope everyone understands me, everyone will have different choices at different stages of life. For you, the Dong Nhi you want may not be the right time, but give me more time because all the plans ahead are still there. And really, during this time, being on fire with music with you, being dedicated, being a wife, being a mother, living in peace is already too happy.”

The singer confided that the noisy YouTube FC channel she asked for permission would be resolved internally. “I hope all controversies will stop here,” Dong Nhi shared.

In addition to Dong Nhi’s share, Ong Cao Thang also apologized as the head of the female singer’s management company. “The past few days, I have taken time to reflect on this incidentAs the head of the company, I’m really the one responsible for letting things get out of hand. All mistakes are mine. I apologize to everyone for letting the story go so far and sadly like this. I and Those who accompany Nhi will definitely overcome unnecessary mistakes, improve and listen more. Again, I’m so sorry everyone!”.

Dong Nhi:

Dong Nhi once said that the FC Dong Nhi YouTube channel was originally owned by the company, there was no robbery. (Photo: FBNV)

Although he apologized, Dong Nhi – Ong Cao Thang continued to receive mixed opinions. In addition to the fans who expressed sympathy and said they would continue to support the female singer, many people expressed dissatisfaction with Dong Nhi’s behavior.

“When you’re calm, write a line to share it! When people’s feelings are hurt, they’ll be lost and hard to find again! It’s not your FC that makes you feel disappointed when you read that status. How much will your fans be hurt. In general, it would be too late for me to apologize now!”facebooker BTN expressed.

“You’re right, you never turn your back on your fans. When you turn your back, how can you see your crew…”, Facebooker AL shared.

Before that, the incident originated when a “hard fan” was “accused” of being forced by Dong Nhi’s crew to regain access to FC Dong Nhi channel. This person said that he was offended and disrespected because of the actions of the female singer’s crew.

On the evening of May 12, Dong Nhi officially spoke out about the noise related to the crew and fans. Dong Nhi confirmed that the FC YouTube channel originally belonged to the management company, there was no robbery. Dong Nhi shared causing frustration: “The company has never asked you to help build, it’s all voluntary! Why do you say otherwise now?… You attack and attack on the people you call my team, just to make the point that the team is wrong and you are right, but if you don’t really understand, please don’t speculate, don’t comment.

Change? I have to change myself according to the opinions of hundreds, thousands of people? So am I still Dong Nhi? Or is it a person who works hard all day to follow what each person considers their own opinion to be the best, to please the crowd?”.

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