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Impressive moments of journalist Lai Van Sam at ‘Happy memories’

MC, journalist Lai Van Sam bid farewell Happy memories After 3 seasons of sticking, it left many viewers with regret. Are known, MC Thao Van will be the one to continue the journey of the famous male MC.

With a flexible, witty, and professional approach, he brings fans back to stories and memorabilia associated with a time to remember and make Happy memories really “hot” in the eyes of the audience. This is also one of the few programs that Lai Van Sam accompanies after his retirement and since then he has been dubbed the “messenger of memory”.

Impressive moments of journalist Lai Van Sam at Happy memories - Photo 1.

At the program, MC Lai Van Sam shared many times about his private life on television.

In episode 11 of season 1, he first introduced his career journey. Journalist Lai Van Sam shared that after studying in the Soviet Union, he interned at the Sports Room of Vietnam Television as a football commentator, translating Russian sports news. In 1989, he officially received the payroll of VTV and was the first person to bring television games to Vietnamese audiences.

Impressive moments of journalist Lai Van Sam at Happy memories - Photo 2.

When he became a character in the audience’s memory, he choked up on stage to thank the audience and colleagues and expressed:

“We’ve gone through, we’ve played the first half of our lives, that’s half of our lives have passed.

We just realized one thing, we don’t always know all about ourselves. And remember, if you want to not be lost on this Earth, never lose yourself.

We can forgive and be ready to forgive our friends for every mistake. The only thing that cannot be forgiven is betrayal.”

With a lot of life experience, the veteran MC has many sayings and advices that touch the hearts of the audience.

“Never hope that this life will be unfair. Let’s adapt to it, adapt to the pain, the difficulties or the most difficult things of this life so that we can have a good life and die. economy”, Lai Van Sam once shared on stage Happy memories.

Impressive moments of journalist Lai Van Sam at Happy memories - Photo 3.

Previously, Lai Van Sam frankly expressed his concerns and thoughts about Happy memories. The male MC said that season 1 of the show made a distinct impression because it aimed to exploit a new topic, season 2 was still in good shape but had some problems with guests and finding topics. Season 3 is really a big pressure, full of challenges.

For this, journalist Lai Van Sam thought of saying goodbye to the show after season 2 ended: “In season 3, when I felt too much pressure, I arranged to meet with the crew and say, if nothing happens If it’s new, I will not participate anymore. I am afraid that I will meet the old topics again, repeating myself in leading …”, he shared. After the team’s renewed efforts and persuasion, the male MC finally agreed to continue accompanying season 3 of the show.

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