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Keeping these 7 things, happiness will be far from reach

Have you ever felt like you were falling into the depths of despair, unable to find a way out? Have you tried this or that, but in the end you still only feel empty inside?

Don’t worry because you’re not alone. The important thing is that we recognize and want to change in a more positive direction. Here are 7 happiness traps everyone needs to let go of as soon as possible.

1. Your happiness depends on external things

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True happiness comes from within. You won’t be happy for long if you always let your happiness depend on something else.

If your happiness depends on the distance you run, the number of friends you play or the number of promotions, the amount of money you earn, you will never be truly happy. Instead, work on finding joy from within by practicing mindfulness and self-love.

2. Are you afraid of being alone?

Aloneness is not loneliness, boredom but independent mental state. However, many people fear feeling alone for a variety of reasons. Remember, happiness is only possible when you know how to find it from within, whether in the presence of others or not. If you are always afraid of being alone, you will hardly be truly happy.

If you feel like you need to be around everyone, feel very lonely when you’re alone, you need some change. Try adding a few activities that you love to do alone to your weekly schedule. Alone in your own space, you will be quieter to think, to grow and to understand more about this world.

3. You let your happiness depend on others

Remember, happiness should depend on only one person and only one person is yourself. If you find yourself relying on other people’s approval to feel good about yourself, that’s a problem that needs addressing.

4. You don’t distinguish between self-awareness and self-loathing

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Self-awareness is when you acknowledge the feelings and thoughts you’re experiencing without judging them. Meanwhile, self-hatred is about judging one’s actions, thoughts, and feelings.

If you confuse these two concepts, you will hardly be happy. The key here is to hold your ego down and see your feelings and thoughts from a third person perspective. Activities like yoga, meditation, or mindfulness can help you increase your awareness of your self. self.

5. You always compare your life with others

Advances in technology bring many benefits to our lives but also make it easier for us to compare our lives with the lives of others. Through social media like Facebook, Twitter… we easily see moments of other people’s lives and generate thoughts of wanting to compare more than ever.

If you’re spending a lot of time constantly comparing yourself to others in that way, practice reminding yourself every day of your worth, of your uniqueness, and of your uniqueness.

6. You surround yourself with negative thinkers

The surrounding environment will have a certain influence on the development of each of us. How you surround yourself with people can make a big difference.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

If you surround yourself with people who support, encourage and push you forward, your life will develop in a more positive direction. If you surround yourself with negative people, that negativity will begin to affect you and your life.

When you find that most of your friends are complaining, depressed, and have negative energy, consider exploring new social circles.

7. You stick to the job you hate

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We spend more than 40 hours a week investing in our careers (and the actual number could be much larger). It’s a big part of our lives. If this time is spent investing in a job we hate, it will be very difficult for us to feel happy.

If you see yourself in it, spending more than 40 hours a week at work that disgusts you, and waiting every second and every minute to leave, it may be time to consider other options. Explore new career options, try your hand at a side hustle, or get advice from professionals, you may find a new direction more suitable.

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