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Phan Tuan Tai – the male god who saved Vietnam U23

At 9pm on May 13, the match between U23 Vietnam – U23 Myanmar in the qualifying round of Group A men’s football at SEA Games 31 officially ended with a minimum win of 1 – 0 for Park’s teachers and students. Hang-seo.

The victory is very important for U23 Vietnam in the current situation of Group A. From 3rd place, coach Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students will rise straight to the top of the table thanks to the only goal thanks to Hung Dung’s work. Vietnam Tel holds the right to self-determination in Group A.

Myanmar is a strong opponent, but Vietnam has a solid “rear”

The male god who saved U23 Vietnam is a

Hung Dung’s important goal helped U23 Vietnam get 3 valuable points.

But before that, the match against Myanmar was not easy, it was not natural that Myanmar led Group A. The outstanding strength of this team is the prolific physical strength and discipline in the play. This match Myanmar U23 “read” Vietnam very well, our team has been under a lot of pressure.

The certainty coming from the defense contributed greatly to today’s victory. Thanks to the sure “rear”, the attack of U23 Vietnam can focus highly on the task of scoring. The bright spot in our chest defense system is Phan Tuan Tai.

After Hung Dung’s goal, Myanmar U23 players rushed to attack to find an equalizer. However, the attacks of your team’s players are neutralized by the defenders. In the 80th minute, Phan Tuan Tai made his personal mark with a brave rescue at a “sensitive” time, directly helping the home team defend an important victory.

The male god who saved U23 Vietnam is a

Phan Tuan Tai was able to save the game.

Phan Tuan Tai – the handsome “guillotine” of U23 Vietnam

Phan Tuan Tai was born in 2001, his hometown in Dak Lak. In football, this player is considered a new discovery by coach Park Hang-seo.

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Phan Tuan Tai has a handsome appearance.

Not only impressing with his modern way of thinking about playing football, Phan Tuan Tai is also very popular with netizens with his handsome, standard “male god”. The Dak Lak player has a student face, gentle, easy smile. Especially the high bridge of the nose creates a divine inclination that makes people who like to look at handsome men admire.

The position of the left-back along with the playing style and outstanding height is also the reason why Tuan Tai is called “Doan Van Hau 2.0”.

The male god who saved U23 Vietnam is a

The “male god” tilt angle attracts…

In addition to playing good football with a handsome appearance, a student, Phan Tuan Tai also has a remarkable academic record. Tuan Tai is the valedictorian of the regular university entrance exam in 2020, currently a student at Hanoi University of Physical Education and Sports and plays for Viettel club. Phan Tuan Tai was also a member of the U19 Vietnam team participating in the 2019 Asian U19 qualifiers.

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Phan Tuan Tai and his teammates

The matches with Vietnam Tel at the 31st SEA Games is not the first time that Phan Tuan Tai has been noticed by many people, he also made an impression in the final match between U23 Vietnam vs U23 Thailand taking place on March 1, 2018. February 26th. In that final, Phan Tuan Tai was also the one who assisted Bao Toan to score the only goal, helping Vietnam U23 win the championship. chem-dich-thuc-20220513212325906.chn

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