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Pioneering enterprise in digital transformation in Bac Giang

Technology and Investment Joint Stock Company Hong river (R2Tech) has officially launched the Project of Creating a Digital Work Environment with the Make in Vietnam Base.vn Platform.

Accordingly, this is the pioneer enterprise in Bac Giang province to conduct digitization according to the program to connect and promote digital transformation of the Investment Promotion Center and the Center for Digital Transformation. Business Development.

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The cooperation between R2Tech and Base.vn through the connection of the Investment and Development Promotion Center enterprise Bac Giang is expected to inspire the SME community in the province


In order to realize the goal of having 100 businesses conduct digital transformation by 2022, and the goal by 2025, the digital economy will account for at least 25% of the province’s total GRDP, the proportion of the digital economy in each industry and field. sector reaches at least 15% and annual labor productivity increases by over 12.5%, Bac Giang Department of Planning and Investment has issued many policies and mechanisms to promote digital transformation in the province. In particular, the Center for Investment Promotion and Business Development is tasked with connecting and supporting the business community and technology solution providers.

“We decided to learn and implement the technology as soon as we realized that with the old way of operating and working, it was difficult to cover the employee’s work progress, wasted time and resources, There is a lack of data on personnel evaluation,” said Mr. Luong Xuan Diem, Director of R2Tech.

In the near future, Bac Giang Investment Promotion and Business Development Center will continue to organize many activities, training courses, and basic consulting on digitization for the business community in the province. At the same time, proactively set up a tripartite information channel including Center – Enterprise – Base.vn, in both face-to-face and online form for regular and timely exchange to support businesses quickly and easily. approach new technology.

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