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Plant pots are very smart when they can reveal emotions

This smart planter named Lua is designed to turn your plants into pet. Using sensors, the smart grower activates 15 different universal animated emotions. It measures soil moisture, light exposure and temperature to keep Crops In your home live well.


When a plant feels thirsty or drinks too much water, the environment it lives in is too hot or too cold… will express its emotions through symbols printed on the outside of the pot.


If you live in an environment with too much sunlight, the external symbol will change to a tired face with drops of sweat, which means the plant is feeling too hot.

When exposed to an insufficient amount of sunlight, the icon immediately changes to a vampire face. As overexposure to light can be harmful to your plants, Lua is squinting which means it’s looking for shade.


Your job is just to choose your favorite plant through the app, then find the QR code to scan and the face will automatically change according to the emotion. Lua app is easy to set up and use every day, QR codes can be read and interpreted instantly!


Lua turns your favorite plant into a virtual pet! It is the perfect addition to your home: its lively character makes it the ideal companion.

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Put these potted plants next to pets, they look so cute, don’t they?

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