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Real estate at the top of the hill with a sea view is attractive to the super rich

Billionaires around the world are willing to spend tens or hundreds of millions of dollars on luxury real estate collections to enhance their position and influence. They are especially attracted by the hilltop villas with sea view, which have a unique position with the terrain of “mountainous mountains, facing the sea”.

Super expensive hilltop mansions

The hill villas overlooking the sea not only bring spacious space, fresh air, a feeling of relaxation and peace, but also satisfy the owner’s desire to conquer and pioneer position. In every country, the number of hilltop mansions is always very limited compared to the increasing demand due to the increase of billionaires on the rankings, creating the impetus for inheritance and conquest to own the real estate (real estate) marks its name.

Recently, the early 2020 transaction of technology billionaire Jeff Bezos when he spent up to $ 165 million to get a mansion on Beverly Hill – setting a record for transaction value in Los Angeles. The land has a spacious garden, a 9-hole tennis court, a swimming pool, a private fuel pump station… Located at the top of the hill, surrounded by trees, creating a fresh living space. Especially from the mansion, you can admire the lavish beauty and vibrant life of the entire coastal city at the foot of Beverly Hill.

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Experts say billionaire Jeff Bezos’ mansion owns a rare perfect position on Beverly Hills. Photo: Cafeland

Beverly Hills is also known as the home of many Hollywood artists and the super-rich, such as Miley Cyrus, the artist Adele or the movie actor Leonardo DiCaprio, or recently the settlement of a married couple. British royals Harry and Meghan. The wealth and charm of Beverly Hills along with the elite community of residents here continue to create attraction for this area’s real estate.

A bay and residential area located on the southern shore of Hong Kong Island, Deep Water Bay is surrounded by the Shouson, Brick and Violet hills. The villas here all have a view of the bay but are very little affected by natural disasters or storms due to their solid position on high hills and surrounded by Deep Water Bay. Savills developer, said: “When it comes to the number of homes in Deep Water Bay, they are very limited numbers. All real estate here is owned by billionaires.

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Deep Water Bay was called by Forbes magazine as “the most expensive area in the world” in 2015. Photo: Vneconomy.vn

The place to satisfy the ownership needs of the super-rich in Vietnam

Quang Ninh is famous not only as a province in the “golden triangle” of the Northern key economic region, but also as a first-class tourist center with many attractive attractions, of which Ha Long is in the Top 10 “destinations in Europe”. Asia that tourists must visit once in their life” – voted by the world’s leading travel magazine The Travel. The potential for economic development along with the synchronously invested infrastructure, pushes the price of resort real estate in Ha Long to a new point of expectation and is always the focus of the elite searching and collecting.

Possessing a unique position on the top of Hai Quan hill – one of the few remaining hills in the center of Ha Long coastal city that is planned as a residential unit, the Phoenix Legend Ha Long Bay Hotel & Residences project is a residential area. Complex of hotels, apartments and luxury residences, is a unique real estate product that is always desired by the upper class.

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The 26 Phoenix Legend mansions are 26 unique works of art created specifically for the elite owners. Photo: Phoenix Legend

All villas here inherit expensive and spacious views embracing Ha Long Bay, Bai Chay Bridge and Cua Luc Bay. Phoenix Legend Villas project owns high-class internal facilities: Wine cellar in the heart of the rocky mountain serving a full range of famous and rare wines with excellent quality; Skybar and infinity pool at 143m above sea level so that you can enjoy the panoramic view of the whole Ha Long Bay while enjoying cocktails prepared by world famous bartenders; Relax with international standard Spa & Sauna services or become a member of a high-class cigar club…

Phoenix Legend Villas is also a project that inherits a modern transport infrastructure system connected to arterial roads, bringing a luxurious comfortable living and relaxing experience to residents.

With the expectation of creating a wonder with cultural and artistic values ​​for the elite in the heart of the heritage, the Phoenix Legend Villas project since its launch has received the attention and appreciation of the world. domestic and international investors and experts.

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