Real kisses between Dinh Tu and Huyen Lizzie on screen

In “Thuong The Sunny Day Returns”, Dinh Tu and Huyen Lizzie have many scenes of “broken love”, especially kiss scenes.

In Love the Sunny Day, The characters Van Trang and Hoang Duy are loved by the audience because the two actors incarnate as Huyen Lizzie – Dinh Tu look well matched, act well and have genuine “chemical reactions”.

The two have many intimate scenes, especially the kissing scenes that cannot be seen as acting. Behind such “real” kiss scenes is a behind-the-scenes story shared by insiders.

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Accordingly, the two actors said that they had to practice kissing scenes before filming emotional scenes. Dinh Tu revealed: “Huyen and I, we also tried to practice before the kiss scene, for example, the next day there is a kiss scene, today we will meet to practice“.

Despite being teased by senior Hong Dang, “You must admit that today’s young people are bold”, Dinh Tu still defends his point of view and that of his co-star:It’s normal, I have to practice hard to master it“.

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Not only the kiss scene is a real kiss, even the scene where Trang bites Duy when he forcibly kisses her is also a real bite: “The kiss is definitely a real kiss, but instead of accepting the kiss, I push it away, biting but only gently, not really biting the co-star.” Huyen Lizzie said.

Dinh Tu also said that the two have suggested more intimate scenes in the movie. “When Duy and Trang agreed to love each other, there were quite a lot of love scenes. Initially the script didn’t have too many intimate scenes, but we proposed it ourselves. Why did they accept the love proposal but it was too light, so we proposed and also added a lot. Currently, the writer is writing more emotional scenes of Van Trang and Duy.” actor shared.

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2 times Duy “forcibly kissed” Trang in the movie.

Not only suggesting a love scene, Huyen Lizzie also revealed an unscripted kiss in the unaired episode: “There was a part where Trang was lying down and singing, and Mr. Huy (DD Bui Tien Huy – PV) asked if he wanted to kiss? I said no. When he was finished singing, Tu kissed him once, which was composed by the actor himself during the play. version does not exist”, Huyen Lizzie said.

She said that because she was so surprised, she was startled. Dinh Tu also admits that at that time he thought of it himself, and with such scenes, the actress’s reaction was natural and lifelike.

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Because everything on the movie is “real and real” causing the couple to get caught up in rumors of “real fake love movies”. And recently the name of Huyen Lizzie was called when Huong Giang announced that she and Dinh Tu had broken up after 5 years of knowing each other.

Huyen Lizzie also joked: “Sometimes it’s easy for people to misunderstand when acting so well“But Dinh Tu “argued” again: “That’s fine, when the audience sees that the two characters love each other and have real feelings for each other, people will believe it. But now I act in love only by acting, the audience is very smart, they recognize it right away“.

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Huong Giang and Dinh Tu broke up after 5 years of knowing each other. Both have been involved in rumors of problems since the end of 2021.

According to VietNamNet

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