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Supplementing with proper nutrition helps to beat post-Covid-19 symptoms

A healthy, well-nourished body will help reverse post-Covid-19 symptoms.

But how to supplement with proper nutrition and take care of health, improve health after recovering from Covid-19 in order to recover quickly is still a concern for many people. This content was discussed by the Ministry of Health with nutritionists in a seminar in early May.

The importance of “Health care after Covid-19”

According to recent information released by the Ministry of Health, post-Covid-19 symptoms are diverse: up to 203 different symptoms can appear after Covid-19 has recovered. These symptoms either persisted from the beginning, or recurred over time and got worse. The most common symptoms may be encountered such as fatigue, shortness of breath, musculoskeletal pain, decrease or loss of taste or smell, cognitive impairment, sleep disturbance, cough, chest pain… Each person will have one different symptoms with varying degrees of severity. In children, post-Covid-19 can also cause multisystem inflammatory syndrome and other worrisome symptoms.

Recovery time after contracting Covid-19 is also not the same, there are people who can recover in a few days, but also many people have symptoms that last weeks to months after testing negative for Covid- 19. Even people who have no symptoms or very mild symptoms during the time of Covid-19 infection, it is possible for people to have symptoms of Covid-19 and become more and more pronounced.

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Post-Covid-19 health care is an outstanding issue of concern

There is no single test that can diagnose post-Covid-19 problems, and symptoms can stem from many other health problems. This can make it difficult to spot the post-Covid-19 syndrome to watch out for before it actually happens. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to and take care of health after Covid-19; it is necessary to provide adequate and reasonable nutrition to improve health after recovering from Covid-19 to contribute to minimizing symptoms. post Covid-19. To understand more about this issue, leading nutrition experts had a discussion at the seminar “Health care after Covid-19” organized by the Ministry of Health with the companionship of New York Co., Ltd. Image Vietnam and Alpha Lipid Lifeline brand.

The Ministry of Health coordinated with experts to organize a seminar to help raise people’s health awareness

The first discussion with the topic “Nutrition after Covid-19” was held on May 8 in Hanoi to raise awareness about health for everyone, especially those who have been infected with Covid-19. The content of the seminar also revolved around post-Covid-19 nutrition issues, how to build antibodies for post-Covid-19 health care as well as answering people’s questions about nutrition and immunity.

During the seminar, experts discussed the risks after contracting Covid-19, how to properly supplement nutrition. At the same time, the experts also suggested food groups that help boost nutrition that people who have had Covid-19 can use, along with other health information that people are interested in.

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A varied, balanced diet is an important factor in maintaining good health

Speaking at the seminar, experts also said, “If you put the body’s immune system at risk, the post-Covid-19 symptoms will last longer.” Often people who contract Covid-19 drink very little water, refuse to eat green vegetables, etc. This is extremely wrong, causing the body to be tired, making the recovery process take a long time.

How to properly supplement nutrition, especially for people who have been infected with Covid-19

According to the information exchanged at the seminar, there are 4 important factors for everyone, especially those who have been infected with Covid-19 to improve nutrition and improve health. These factors include:

Movement, sports: walk, jog 30-60 minutes a day.

Reasonable rest: Think positively, sleep 6-8 hours a day.

Healthy living: Don’t smoke, avoid negative habits.

In particular, proper nutrition is an important factor to bring a healthy body. Food groups that help increase nutrition that people with Covid-19 need to supplement must be diverse, balanced and reasonable, according to the nutrition pyramid of the nutrition institute.

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Master Hoang Sach Dinh – Alpha Lipid Lifeline brand representative shared at the seminar

Food choices also need certain attention. According to Master Hoang Sach Dinh, brand representative of Alpha Lipid Lifeline, consumers need to pay attention to the brand, origin, production technology of the product, nutritional content according to the information on the label, the legality related to the product. At the same time, from the time of production, circulation in the market, to the time it is brought into the family to cook, it is necessary to ensure food safety principles, because when eating delicious food, The body will also absorb nutrients better and more.

Seminar on “Nutrition after Covid-19”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR1cgMW3LtU&t=1119s

The next discussion with the theme “Active antibodies for health care after Covid-19” will take place on May 15.

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