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Tazuna – philosophy of ‘bridle’ on Lexus NX 2022

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The new generation NX launched to Vietnamese customers in early April 2022, and unlike previous Lexus models. In this small SUV model, the Japanese luxury company wants to convey the message, what are the lines of future Lexus cars. The NX is the trendsetter for the brand’s entire product range.

Possessing a completely new shape, the NX is strange to those who are familiar with a neutral and grounded Lexus. The exterior changes with a bold design, but on the inside, Lexus applies the Tazuna design philosophy, a concept that appeared on the LF-30 Electrified concept car in 2019.

“Tazuna” is a design style inspired by the way a horse is controlled. In Japanese, this word means “bridle”, the rope that connects the rider to the horse, used to control them. Lexus brings this inspiration to the NX to add to the joy of driving, by strengthening the connection between the vehicle and the driver.

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NX is the first commercial vehicle from Lexus to apply the Tazuna design philosophy in the interior compartment. According to the Japanese luxury car company, all of its future models will apply this design, the latest being the full-size SUV Lexus LX.

Lexus NX is designed with the driver as the center, the seat position, visibility, use of fine-tuning buttons … are arranged to be the most suitable and convenient. The inspiration for the design and functional layout of the Lexus NX is mainly taken from everyday items such as watches, bicycles, fashion… In the process of applying this design, the Lexus engineering team also calculated meticulous calculation, the best in the arrangement of features, according to user habits to create comfort when operating.

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With that philosophy, NX is aimed at a group of customers who love the feeling of driving, speed, and want to hold the steering wheel instead of enjoying the space in the second row like many other Lexus models. The interior is a combination of leather, wood, aluminum materials… The layout of materials is also calculated by this company’s engineers, to reduce noise in the cabin – a traditional strength of Lexus. According to the Japanese company, the new design and material layout help the NX reduce noise by 15% compared to the old generation.

When entering the interior compartment, the entire steering wheel, screen, gear lever are designed towards the driver. The driver’s central speed screen has the ability to customize many modes. The central touch screen is up to 14 inches in size (equivalent to a laptop) with high resolution, integrated with all entertainment control functions. In addition, the central clock position and entertainment screen are designed to be almost in line, to ensure a convenient view for the driver.

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The layout of the information system from the display on the HUD to the speedometer and to the center display… allows for smoother eye movements and less distraction while driving. In addition, the start button, gear lever and driving mode selection switch are located around the steering wheel in a position that can be manipulated more naturally, helping the driver to control smoothly without losing the driving position, helping the driver more focus on driving.

A new feature introduced on the NX is Touch Tracer Operation, an operating method that combines the display on the HUD with the touch switches on the steering wheel.

When the driver touches the touch switch on the steering wheel, operating instructions are displayed on the HUD screen, allowing for more intuitive operation without the driver having to look at his hands or keys and keep his eyes open. directed forward.

In addition, the HUD display also offers three modes with different information and layouts that allow for dynamic vehicle information capture, and the driver can still clearly observe the surrounding traffic conditions.

The steering wheel has a new design, designed by Lexus to optimize handling and steering. The car horn cushion is smaller, the steering wheel spoke design has changed compared to the old version. The electronic gearshift lever is designed to be shorter, retaining the typical Lexus zigzag gearshift. Interior color options of the NX 2022 have contrasting black and cream color systems, stitched with striking orange thread.

Decorative motifs run vertically from the center instrument panel, to the dark door panels, seamlessly with the driver’s seat area to create space for the driver to focus on driving. “3D Cutting black” with denser geometric textures, creating aesthetics.

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NX 2022 has the option of 64 interior color modes, customized to the user’s liking. The Japanese company also pre-sets 14 unique colors to make it easy for users to choose. The Mark Levinson 17-speaker system on the NX 350h has a unique design that emphasizes aesthetics.

With people as the focus, the Japanese company integrated the NX with a series of safety technologies from the Lexus Safety Sense + package, with technologies such as: PCS pre-collision warning, radar cruise control, lane departure warning. LDA, LTA lane tracking, RSA road sign assist, PDA active steering assist…

Lexus NX 2022 sold in Vietnam with two versions. NX 350 F Sport 2.4 turbocharged engine, 275 horsepower capacity, 430 Nm pulling power. 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system. NX 350h uses a naturally aspirated hybrid engine, 2.5 capacity, capacity of 188 horsepower, 240 Nm of pulling power. The electric motor is mounted on the rear axle for a total capacity of 240 horsepower and 360 Nm of pulling power. CVT gearbox and all-wheel drive system.

Lexus NX 350 F Sport is priced at 3.01 billion VND, NX 350h is priced at 3.3 billion VND, comes with many worthy amenities and maintenance services in the spirit of Omotenashi of the Japanese luxury car company.

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