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The career ups and downs of “Vpop Prince” Dan Truong

Singer Dan Truong possesses many great achievements as well as being an inspiration to juniors. During his career development, he was always affectionately known by the audience as “the youth prince” thanks to his simple voice, gentle personality and a romantic appearance.

Dan Truong is one of the male singers who still retains the name and interest of the audience despite being U50. Currently, he still regularly participates in various large and small events, releasing music products. Working professionally for many years, but few people know that the voice of “Golden Love Song” before becoming famous used to have to do many different jobs to make a living.

  The career ups and downs of Vpop Prince Dan Truong - Photo 1.

The beauty of singer Dan Truong in his youth.

The male singer is the eldest, the only son in the family and has 3 younger sisters. His parents are both workers in a frozen seafood factory. He has experienced many jobs such as manufacturing handmade ballpoint pens, selling bread on trolleys, turning workers, silk screen printing workers, etc. Although life is quite hard, from a young age he showed his passion. art lover. Every free evening, Dan Truong joins dance and singing clubs near where he lives.

Due to his passion for music, in 1996, thanks to his friends’ encouragement to participate in a singing contest, Dan Truong also listened to the challenge. The male singer unexpectedly received the third prize when performing the song “To the one I love”.

His career turned to a new page when he met the boss Hoang Tuan. Dan Truong debuted with the song “Kiep Cicada” and attracted a large number of fans.

Following those successes is the excellent combination of the male singer and the female singer Cam Ly creating many songs associated with the years that are still frequently mentioned by the audience as “Fantasy”. love”, “Back to the old street”…

Since his debut, Dan Truong has shown great influence in the music market. In 2001, Dan Truong had his first live show called Thank you for life. Up to now, he has held 13 private shows, most of which are well-invested concerts and always reach a very large audience.

At the peak of his career, the male singer had a “huge” record sales. Valuable awards at Green Wave, Golden Apricot,… all have called Dan Truong’s name at least once.

Regarding his personal life, Dan Truong is quite secretive. In 2013, Dan Truong suddenly announced his marriage to a successful businesswoman in the US, 10 years younger than him. Because they rarely talk about love, when announcing their marriage to a rich wife, both have to face many difficulties and storms from public opinion. Because he was a male artist who was idolized, the fact that his wife and husband at that time was “looked at” a lot in terms of appearance, family background…

  The career ups and downs of Vpop Prince Dan Truong - Photo 2.

Dan Truong is still active in the music market.

It was thought that after the hardships, Bo had found a happy place until the end of his life, suddenly in 2021 Thuy Tien announced that the two had broken up after 8 years of living together.

After the divorce, the voice of “Kiep cicada” and his ex-wife made people admire for their civilized behavior, keeping a close relationship and taking care of their son Thien Tu.

  The career ups and downs of Vpop Prince Dan Truong - Photo 3.

Dan Truong and businessman Thuy Tien together take care of their son.

At the age of 46, singer Dan Truong not only owns a forever young face, but also has a toned body thanks to hard work.

Recently, the voice of “Going to far away” said that at the end of this May, he will fly back to Vietnam with his ex-wife and son, revealing that there will always be a special gift for fans.

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