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The cast of “rumored lovers” who are all “marshal”, Ly Nha Ky’s actor makes fans admire

On October 22, 2021, Ly Nha Ky shared her decision to break up with her mysterious boyfriend after 9 years of being together. She said that the 9-year journey of loving “the other half” was a period full of ups and downs. “In a moment of silence, I just want to say that Phuc and I (Ly Nha Ky’s boyfriend – PV) have broken up for a while after 9 years. It was a beautiful enough time to be stored in a drawer. After all, everyone just wants to be safe in a hand that they trust, a hand that really knows how to hold their hand. And if you can’t do that, let go, it’s okay too late. better than never,” the actress shared.

Before going public with her boyfriend of 9 years, Ly Nha Ky was also involved in many love rumors, although she was quite secretive about her private relationship. At the beginning of 2012, netizens spread the wedding photo and marriage registration certificate that is believed to belong to Ly Nha Ky. Many people rumored that Ly Nha Ky was married in 2000 with a German overseas Vietnamese. At that time, the actress denied it and thought it was a baseless rumor.

Let’s take a look at Ly Nha Ky’s “rumored lovers” from the day she entered showbiz until now:

Minh Tiep

Highlighting Ly Nha Ky's 'rumored' lovers, all the handsome and talented actors - Photo 1.

Minh Tiep and Ly Nha Ky got to know each other while filming the movie Price to buy a god. Photo: BNA

Time to join the movie The price to buy a god Directed by director Ho Ngoc Xum, Ly Nha Ky and Minh Tiep were once caught up in rumors of “fake love movies”. The actress said: “Due to the filming scene in Ben Tre, the whole crew also had a very close time together.

At that time, he (actor Minh Tiep – PV) was not only my senior actor but also a “hot” actor in Hanoi, so I was very nervous and afraid to collaborate on a movie with him. Unexpectedly, when working, I found him to be a friendly, cheerful and very senior man. Always support, guide and convey to juniors like me during filming. He is also a man in the world that I still respect to this day.”

Minh Tiep himself also confirmed to Tien Phong newspaper: “It is true that we have a close relationship. Now we are good friends.” In addition, when the news that Minh Tiep loved Ly Nha Ky flooded the media in 2018. At that time, the female giant of Vietnamese showbiz did not deny it.


In 2009, Viet Anh participated in the movie Unseasonal wind and co-starring with actress Ly Nha Ky has caused a fever on the screen for a long time. Right after that, there were a lot of rumors “fake love movie” that the two are having special feelings for each other. Besides the love scenes, the beauties surnamed Ly and Viet Anh also made a wedding photo shoot with natural acting like a real couple.

Before the love rumors, both Viet Anh and Ly Nha Ky denied it. Even the couple is not afraid to appear together at events to affirm their pure relationship. When the scandal broke out not long ago, Viet Anh suddenly posted to announce that he had just broken up with his beautiful and talented wife. This information gives netizens more reason to believe in the love story between Viet Anh and Ly Nha Ky.

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Rumors of dating Ly Nha Ky made Viet Anh’s career “strange”. Photo: HTV

Talking about the time of divorce from his wife, actor Viet Anh once said: “It was the most terrible time in my life”. He bitterly recalled: “At that time, I had to stay at a friend’s house. Every day he went to work and I stayed at home alone and read books. Win hearts. Thanks to the book I learned what my mistakes were and how I had to start over.”

Song Luan

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Ly Nha Ky and young actress Song Luan had intimate photos. Photo: FBNV

Ly Nha Ky and young actress Song Luan had intimate photos, the couple comfortably wrapped their arms around each other. Song Luan and Ly Nha Ky gave each other sweet and affectionate eyes like couples in love. The two did not hesitate to hold hands and rest their heads on each other. Because of these images, many people also speculate that Ly Nha Ky is dating a young man. But later, Ly Nha Ky said that the close images with Song Luan were just two people collaborating on an art project, both of them just seeing each other as sisters in real life as well as in entertainment activities.

Ho Quang Hieu

Recently, Ly Nha Ky attracted attention when having doubts about dating male singer Ho Quang Hieu. After that, Ly Nha Ky made an official statement. The beauty asserts that she is still “completely absent” and is not dating anyone.

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Ho Quang Hieu and Ly Nha Ky were recently rumored to have a romantic relationship. Photo: 24h

If Ly Nha Ky immediately stated that she was still “missing” right after the rumor appeared, Ho Quang Hieu chose to remain silent. Behind the scenes of the show Sing for tomorrow Recently, Ho Quang Hieu spoke out about noise for the first time. He briefly said: “Hieu and Ly Nha Ky are just friends”.

The reason the rumors between Ly Nha Ky and Ho Quang Hieu broke out was because there was information that the actress was a rich person, or “sorry” at the age of U40. However, recently, she has had a change when she often expresses her happiness through aimless status lines.

Moreover, when participating in Ly Nha Ky’s talkshow, Ho Quang Hieu also expressed himself as an unlucky person in love and received a lot of sympathy from his senior, causing netizens to raise many doubts. about their friendship.

Nguyen Vu

Ly Nha Ky said Nguyen Vu is a close senior, witnessing the whole process of her striving, from childhood to success. Although they do not often accompany each other, the two still take time to talk and confide. The former tourism ambassador said that she considers Nguyen Vu as a “brother”, willing to share about her private life. For his part, Nguyen Vu said that he appreciates Ly Nha Ky’s talent, personality and good intentions.

Because of their close relationship like brothers, many people think that Ly Nha Ky and Nguyen Vu have something “above” in their simple friendship. But no matter what, there are difficult times in life, Ly Nha Ky always has Nguyen Vu by her side, he once persuaded her not to give up art.

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Ly Nha Ky always attaches great importance to her love for Nguyen Vu: Photo: ST

Nguyen Vu himself, when asked if he was urged to get married, the male singer laughed: “I am the youngest child in the family. My brothers are already married. My mother also has grandchildren, so I don’t regret it like I did. the day before. My mother sometimes reminds me of that case when watching movies.” In a talk show, Ly Nha Ky asked about her senior’s plan to get on a flower car. In response, Nguyen Vu wittily shared: “When Ly Nha Ky gets married, I will get married. We will hold a wedding together”. The two are also cherishing a joint project in 2022.

Highlighting Ly Nha Ky's

Ly Nha Ky was once rumored to be dating Hong Kong actor Ta Thien Hoa. Photo: HHT

In addition to Vietnamese stars, Ly Nha Ky is also rumored to be dating Hong Kong actor Ta Thien Hoa. This love rumor once made Ly Nha Ky’s career wobble. The actress spoke up and explained, confirming that her relationship with Ta Thien Hoa only stopped at the level of friendship, but baseless rumors made her reputation somewhat decline.

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Ly Nha Ky and actor Han Jae Suk are affectionate when appearing in public. Photo: NSX

Ly Nha Ky and actor Han Jae Suk co-star in the movie 3rd person with a cost of 33 billion VND. The romantic star couple at the event after the role-playing is on-screen lovers. Recently, during the movie launch event 3rd person, in which Ly Nha Ky is an actress and producer. She shared that the model she chose was similar to actor Han Tae Suk: elegant, quiet, delicate, handsome, romantic, not polished.

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