The equipment on the car can be useful when going out

Compare to car In the 20th century, the 21st century recognizes the efforts of manufacturers in racing to serve the essential needs of users as well as changing according to usage behavior. In addition to features to help the driver relax (cruise throttle, lane departure warning …), passengers are more comfortable (electrically adjustable back seats, footrests, massagers…) living support (220V power outlet, rear entertainment screen ..) has helped a lot for a long trip.

Here are the features and equipment on the car that are suitable for those who plan to drive for a long time.

Residential electrical socket

This is a device that has recently appeared on SUVs, MPVs and pickups such as Ford Everest, Ranger, Nissan Navara… Residential electrical sockets help users easily plug in devices such as computers and fans. plants, even cooking rice and boiling water.

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Residential electrical sockets equipped on Ford Everest

Previously, to use such electrical devices, car owners would have to buy an additional power converter from 12V to 220V, but it would be quite inconvenient because the voltage is often unstable due to the quality of the converter (the price is a few hundred dollars). thousand dong) could not meet. Therefore, when built into the vehicle from the manufacturer, it will help users get a stable voltage of 220-230V suitable for household electrical equipment.

Chairs with massagers, foot cushions

On a long journey, typically moving from the North to the Central region and the Central Highlands for long-term travel, sitting still in the same L-position mostly makes passengers feel tired and sore. shoulder, waist.

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On high-end cars, the rear seats are designed for one person, can recline, adjust the knee support cushion and entertain.

To solve the above situation, some models such as high-end MPVs or expensive SUVs and sedans are equipped with Luxury seats. This type of seat is usually for one passenger, with built-in features such as back massage, seat cooling, electric backrest, and knee support.

Rear seats fold flat

For 7-seater models, the fact that the 2 rear seats can be folded into a flat floor is highly appreciated for those who like to move, campers. Thanks to the flat floor folding design, users only need to add a thin bed sheet or mattress to turn it into a reclining bed for the whole family, or carry bulky items for camping.

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The two rear seats on Mitsubishi Outlander fold into a flat floor

Roof racks on cars

For models with available roof racks, it will be extremely practical for those who love to go out. On these vehicles, users only need to buy more horizontal roof racks or baga roofs to be able to carry more luggage and belongings. Fastening is also easier.

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Nissan X-Trail is available with a roof rack

Vehicles that do not have a roof rack support bar will have to make this detail by drilling the ceiling to catch screws, which can easily lead to the risk of water penetrating inside if poorly constructed.

Wireless phone charger

For citizens of the 21st century, their inseparable on every journey is the smartphone. Along with the development speed of the internet and social networks, today’s phone is like a machine that connects all space and time, and also runs out of battery very quickly. Therefore, traveling long distances will be indispensable for charging cords and sockets.

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Wireless charging trays for smartphones are now optional equipment applied on many car models.

As for drivers, using a cell phone while driving is often warned not to, but cannot be completely banned. Therefore, on some cars with built-in wireless phone charging tray, it will be very useful for the driver. They will no longer have to focus on worrying about plugging the cord in the right place, but just gently place the phone in the holder.

The only disadvantage of this technology is having to buy the right phone with automatic wireless charging.

Cruise throttle

Cruise Control (cruise scooter) is an equipment that has become familiar to Vietnamese people today because it is available on popular B-size cars instead of previously only appearing on expensive cars.

Car equipment that can be useful when going out - 6

Cruise Control key set integrated on the steering wheel

Thanks to the built-in control buttons on the steering wheel, the driver can easily adjust the preset speed for the car without having to affect the accelerator pedal, thereby reducing foot fatigue and maintaining the desired speed. . Most drivers apply this feature when traveling on the highway.

Rear seat entertainment screen

This is equipment from the end of the 20th century and is still a controversy regarding the safety factor. Opponents argue that a screen on the ceiling or behind the seat backrest can easily lead to dangerous accidents when there is a collision for passengers. However, in fact, for mothers and fathers, it is still the most effective to keep the children glued to the entertainment screen instead of messing around in the car.

Car equipment that can be useful when going out - 7

BMW 7-Series 2023 launched with a 31-inch ultra-wide screen for the rear seats

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