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The family panicked when they discovered 4 giant pythons mating in the house

May 14, 2022 19:36 GMT+7

Four carpet pythons scared a family in Buderim, Australia after they invaded and tried to mate there.

A family in Buderim, Queensland, Australia had to deal with four large carpet pythons invading their home from their backyard.

The family panicked when they discovered 4 giant pythons mating in the house
The family panicked when they discovered 4 giant pythons trying to mate at home

4 pythons appeared in about 2 to 3 days, making everyone scared. The family called the reptile specialist at Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 to resolve the issue and remove the pythons from the property.

The pythons are up to 4 meters long, weigh 15 kg, intertwine, mating at the homes of local people.

Mating pythons usually do not like to be disturbed. In particular, males become more aggressive while looking for a mate.

Stuart McKenzie, a reptile expert, grabbed two of the four carpet pythons and released them back into the wild in the rainforest not far away. Stuart McKenzie had to return to the house several times to catch the last of the animals. He said it was a male because females often have a distinctive scent that attracts males during mating season.

“During the breeding season, we received a lot of phone calls to deal with pythons coming into the house,” said Stuart McKenzie.

Carpet pythons usually eat small mammals such as birds, lizards, rodents, but there have been some cases of local people finding them hunting domestic cats and small dogs. The lifespan of this species can exceed 20 years.

Experts assure homeowners that pythons are harmless and without venom like snakes, they can repel rodents. “As long as they don’t make a lot of noise, people shouldn’t be too worried. It’s best not to make noise or touch them. Get in touch with local experts early,” says Stuart McKenzie.

Earlier, a family in Hunchy, Queensland found 50 reptile skins in the attic. Stuart McKenzie was also called in to handle the situation. He also found a brown, slightly venomous tree snake alive in the attic.

Stuart McKenzie said that when he examined the skin, he found that it was the skin of many species such as carpet pythons, brown tree snakes and some other snakes. “I think there were 50 reptilian skins. This is the largest number of skins I have ever taken in a local family,” said Stuart McKenzie.

While most of the pelts are old, some are new, which means snakes have visited the attic recently.

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