The wave of leaving Dong Nhi fans

After Dong Nhi spoke about regaining access to FC Dong Nhi channel from NMH fans, the controversy exploded on social networks. Many fans were disappointed by Dong Nhi’s share and announced that they stopped supporting and loving the singer. Below the post, there are more than 48,000 interactions, most of which are criticizing or saying goodbye to the vocalist Cry.

True fans turned their backs on Dong Nhi

The controversy stemmed from NMH’s frustration when Dong Nhi’s crew regained access to FC channel. This person said he was offended and disrespected because of the crew’s actions. The FC channel was established by him in 2021 with the agreement and guarantee of copyright from the company 6th Sense Entertainment. NMH builds a channel by posting quality videos and fancams about idols. This channel had more than 100,000 followers before it was locked by the company.

Recently, Dong Nhi crew requested to take back FC channel to temporarily lock and cancel NMH’s access. In the article denouncing the actions of Dong Nhi crew, NMH said that he used to spend his pocket money to buy many CDs to take the old repertoire file of the idol and post it on the channel.

On the evening of May 12, Dong Nhi spoke up. She confirmed that FC channel is owned by 6th Sense Entertainment. The female singer did not deny NMH’s efforts, but had to close the FC channel because of copyright and other reasons.

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Dong Nhi was turned away by her fans because of the noise.

“I would like to confirm that FC Dong Nhi channel belongs to the company from the very beginning, there is no robbery here. The company has never asked you to help build it, it’s all voluntary. Why now you say otherwise?”, Dong Nhi said.

Dong Nhi’s share faced fierce controversy. In the comments section below the article and on showbiz fanpages, most of the audience gave mixed opinions. They believe that Dong Nhi and the crew have treated her harshly with the people who have supported and loved her for many years. According to fans, Dong Nhi can have a more ingenious, reasonable, and reasonable response to the effort and affection NMH spends.

“The channel originally belonged to the company, but the company did not build it. The fan built it like that, without credit or development, it’s okay, but it’s voluntary, no one forced it. If at first I knew how to build an image for her, but she was so unfaithful, no one would have done it.” Bui Ngoc Linh account commented.

Audience Dang Thao Nhi agreed: The article only generalizes without specifying. If you want to kick someone, you also have to give them a correct and legitimate reason. I don’t think you wrote this sentence because the writing style is very familiar to me. And if you write the truth, I blame myself for admiring the wrong person. Anyway, after today, I still get a bad result because I have lost a lot of people who devoted and loved me.”

Fans confided that they have supported Dong Nhi for many years, even though the singer’s crew still has many shortcomings. In the last comeback, fans contributed to helping the MV reach the top of the trending list. Therefore, they were upset by Dong Nhi’s move. A series of fans announced that they were leaving FC Dong Nhi because they were disappointed in the person they had idolized for many years.

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The female singer’s post disappointed fans.

“Being your fan for 14 years, I never thought you would change. FC also never told each other how she changed, but only commented on the way the team worked. These days, I’ve been waiting for you to speak up. But today, reading what you wrote, I do not regret 14 years of loving you wholeheartedly. I just feel sad because maybe from today this love will not be the same as before.”fans wrote.

“I’m not on anyone’s side, but I can’t stand on your side”, “Did your team record the album. We get rid of fans who need to sell all of her autographed albums because keeping it will only make it more painful”, “With this post, I would like to give up idolizing someone for more than 10 years. It is not an impulsive decision when angry, but a hurt.” expressed by fans.

Dong Nhi is silent about the departure of a longtime fan

In the midst of the above incident, there are still fans who choose to stay and continue to support Dong Nhi. They also give opinions to explain their choices. On May 13, Dong Nhi FC nationwide with more than 70,000 members spoke up about the incident. The admin of FC posted a long article with the title: “Artists are also human, why not give them the right to live with their true personality and personality?”.

In the post, the admin expressed: “We come to you out of love. Yes, it is because of love that we comment and build. But is it wrong here that suggestions and construction gradually become requirements, imposed on the people we idolize. In the past, you said: ‘As long as we are sisters, we still love and support’. But now you say: ‘You don’t make it clear, we’ll leave'”.

Admin confirmed that FC channel was established by the company, under the management of the company. According to the admin, although FC channel belongs to the company, the copyright protection is only at 80%. The remaining 20% ​​is still copyrighted for many other reasons.

“Do you still remember the 8 year old live show posted on FC channel? Initially, the video was posted with the purpose of letting everyone experience the same emotions for 8 years. But some extremists falsify it. Those friends attacked the company with countless unacceptable words. Just like that, toxic elements continuously attack the company. This is misleading for the purpose of channeling. The FC channel was created to create a playground for everyone, not attack the company.”admin pointed out.

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Dong Nhi caused frustration when she regained the FC channel operated by fans.

In addition to the above problem, the admin said that FC channel re-posted Dong Nhi’s old MV with good image quality. This affects the official channel. Besides, the company still supports images and data for NMH to post on the channel. “The fancam that everyone can see on the channel is mostly filmed by me and given the source to you NMH to post”this person emphasized.

The admin defended Dong Nhi and said that in the above incident, it was the female singer who found it awkward. Posts by vocalist Cry Posted on 12/5 only targeted fans with negative comments, not the entire FC.

A part of fans agreed with the above fanpage and called on FC to calm down and look at the situation from many angles.

“I admire her talent and bravery. I always follow her career path, every MV she makes, every song she composes. I think everyone should calm down and look in a positive direction so as not to cause any more misunderstandings.”a commenting account.

In the face of a wave of fans leaving, reporters Zing contacted Dong Nhi and the crew, but the female singer has not yet responded.

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