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Thousands of rain team fans enjoy rock

Ho Chi Minh CityFans spent many hours cheering for Microwave, Ngu Cung, An Nam…, at the “Rock’n’Share” event.

On the evening of May 13, the rock festival returned after three years of not being held because of Covid-19, attracting thousands of spectators, at Phu Tho Gymnasium. With topics Regeneration, Nine bands “fire” on stage with investment repertoire, showing their own colors.

The audience turned on the flash from the phone, in tune with the bands on stage.  Photo: RocknShare

The audience turned on the flash from the phone, in tune with the bands on stage. Image: Rock’n’Share

Around 6 pm, the program started under the light rain, sometimes heavy. Thousands of spectators danced, comfortably “fired” with rock. Some groups gather in a circle, put their arms around each other, sing and dance to each familiar song. Minh Hoa (32 years old, Go Vap district), present at the event at 6pm, said: “When I came from home, I thought this heavy rain would reduce the temperature of the event. When I arrived, I was surprised by the amount of rain. rock fans are too big. Everyone is ready to rain, dance to the music for hours and hours without getting tired.”

Thousands of fans in the rain 'fired' with rock

Thousands of fans “fire” with the music of Metanoia in the rain. Video: Tan Cao

In the cheers of fans, the six boys of Thoai 004 appeared as the opening act. Three years ago, they used to be spectators, enjoying the performances of veteran bands. This time, they are happy in the position of performing artists. The group’s representative said, “With a lot of energy and creativity, Thoai will be unleashed on the stage today”.

iTieu transmits positive energy to music lovers after two stressful years due to the pandemic. The group performed songs like Freedom day, When we are no longer together…, then first introduced the unreleased single titled Touch. When the group performed their last song I dreamthousands of people at the bottom turned on the flash to match the rhythm.

An Nam – Champion of Vietnamese Band 2018 – performing songs from the album in turn Southern history anthem Released in December 2021 as Me Linh drum, Ma Vien bronze column, Bach Dang ca… Nguyen Thuy Linh – the group’s main vocalist – constantly stirs the stage with her strong voice, “bloody” performance style, and constantly interacts with fans.

Singing the Five Palaces "Travel fairy"

Ngu Cung sang “Du Tien” at a rock concert. Video: Rock’n’Share

Metanoia – Champion Vietnamese Rock first season – bringing modern rock style through songs composed by the group such as Life, Way… The group’s main vocalist – Rabbit Trauma – just finished the first song, had to take off his shoes to better harmonize with the audience. She remembers her memories of acting at Rock’n’Share for the first time three years ago, also with this atmosphere, the singer once burst into tears of happiness.

Dzung returned to the show with a new look, instead of acting alone as in 2019. The artist combined Vinh Coc (bass) and Cuong Nhoc (drum), playing in harmony, including rock songs with folk influences in the album. Dzanca released last year.

Towards the end, the audience burst into tears when Ngu Cung appeared. They perform music that combines folk with rock like First swing (Five Palace)Lady Doi Thuong thousand (worshiping ancient)… The voice of Do Hoang Hiep – the leader of the group – is commented on as magical and powerful. Microwave appeared last, performing for more than 30 minutes through songs composed by the group such as Height, Fading, War… Their music holds viewers back until nearly 11pm.

Microwave sing "Just a dream"

Microwave sings “Just a Dream”. Video: Rock’n’Share

Nguyen Minh Khang, 27 years old, said he had bought tickets since the organizers opened the online gate. This audience said: “I have been a fan of rock for more than 10 years. A few years ago the show in Ho Chi Minh City, I attended. It’s been a long time since I felt like watching such fun music with friends.”

Acting An Nam "Lac Hong lineage"

An Nam performed “Red Blood” (Le Quang) at the event. Video: Tan Cao

Events on the sidelines of the event such as food stalls and souvenir sales to raise funds for charity also caught the attention of the audience. Phi Ona (44 years old) – Psychotramps sales team leader – said she has accompanied the event for many years. Her group often uses items donated by benefactors or produces t-shirts, hats, notebooks, using recycled materials as souvenirs… for sale at the stall. She said: “The number of members of the group is increasing every year. Everyone joins hands with the purpose of giving all ticket sales to the fund. For the children“.

Microwave members adventure with fans at the concert.  Photo: RocknShare

Microwave members “adventure” with fans at the concert. Image: Rock’n’Share

Painter Tran Trung Linh – the program’s initiator – said that this year the program’s investment in organizing funds doubled compared to 2019, mainly focusing on the sound stage, stage staging with many large LED screens to create visual effects. After summarizing the concert’s revenue, they plan to go to some communes in Quang Binh to help children in need.

Rock’n’Share initiated in 2015 by Tran Trung Linh and Psychotramp13 group, for charity purposes. From 2015 to 2019, the show takes place annually in Ho Chi Minh City and some provinces, with the participation of many famous rock artists and bands.

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