Two men without sperm still have children

This is also the first time in Vietnam that a hospital treats infertility for people without sperm.

The first case was Mr. LQM, 34 years old, with Klinefelter syndrome causing chromosomal abnormalities that caused the patient to have no sperm. Doctors said that in order to have children, the patient needs to be intervened by injecting immature sperm into the cytoplasm (ROSI-Round Spermatid Injection).

Hung Vuong Hospital then cooperates with Binh Dan Hospital to find immature sperm for the patient.

According to Ths.BS Mai Ba Tien Dung, Head of the Department of Andrology, Binh Dan Hospital, to find sperm for patients, doctors apply micro-dissection (Micro Tese). The sperm finding rate of this method is 63%. Along with that, the patient also received medical treatment to bring the endocrine index back to almost normal and stable 2 months before surgery.

Two men without sperm still have children - 1

Doctors find immature sperm for a patient. (Photo: BVCC)

Patients also undergo genetic testing before the procedure to classify and direct treatment as well as follow up after insemination. Fortunately, in many of the patient’s embryos, doctors found normal embryos.

Right after that, the testicle was applied ROSI by doctors of Hung Vuong Hospital to find immature sperm.

After searching, the doctor discovered that the young sperm were alive and well to inject into the egg cytoplasm of the patient’s wife. As a result, the wife had a healthy pregnancy. The extra ear is still being monitored. The doctor even stored the remaining embryos for the next pregnancy of the couple.

The second case is Mr. NHP, who does not have chromosomal abnormality syndrome but has another disease that causes him to have no sperm.

Similar to Mr. LQM, Mr. NHP, was also prescribed ROSI method by doctors for treatment. The implementation process went smoothly, the patient’s wife is also pregnant and being monitored health regular.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Thi Diem Tuyet, Director of Hung Vuong Hospital, these are the first two cases of infertility successfully treated at the hospital thanks to ROSI technique and also the first two cases in Vietnam.

This success is not only the result of many years of construction and development of the Infertility Department of Hung Vuong Hospital, but also opens up new hope for infertile couples in Vietnam, especially for infertility cases. Infertility is one of the most difficult causes of infertility treatment, which in the past could only be done by asking for sperm, resulting in the child being born without the father’s genes.

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