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Two sisters in India married the wrong groom on their wedding day

The power failure and the veil caused two sisters in India to mistake the groom for each other on their wedding day.

On May 12, Mr. Rameshlal Railot (Aslana village, Madhya Pradesh state, central India) decided to hold a wedding for his son and 3 daughters on the same day.

According to The Independentall three sisters wore the same wedding attire and covered their faces with a veil according to the local tradition.

Around 9pm on the same day, the village suddenly lost power. The space lacked light and the veils caused 2 out of 3 of Mr. Railot’s daughters to be mistakenly seated with the groom.

Accordingly, a daughter named Nikita will marry the groom Bhola, but wrongly sits next to Ganesh – her sister’s lover (Karishma). It is known that these grooms are not related to each other.

The two brides performed several marriage ceremonies with the wrong person. The problem was discovered only when the village had power back.

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The incident of the wrong groom is not uncommon in the village of Aslana. Illustration: Tanay Hira/Pexels.

Sitaram, a brother of Mr. Railot, said a bride’s hand was mistakenly given to the groom. However, this is not uncommon in the village because there are frequent power outages.

“It’s embarrassing for us. Because of the power failure, my grandchildren had to suffer this confusion,” he said.

He also added that the wedding then continued as planned. At midnight, when the light is on, the brides give their vows to the right lover.

According to some villagers, the fact that the light came on in time before the swearing-in ceremony was a good omen.

Also follow The Independent, The above wedding incident reflects the frequent power outages in India. Although the government claims to have brought grid electricity to the most remote village in 2018, in reality, many parts of the country still suffer from intermittent power outages due to poor line allocation or maintenance.

In particular, in recent weeks, power outages have become more common due to hot weather. Even in big cities, thousands of people report unstable electricity problems that make them unable to use fans and air conditioners in extreme temperatures.

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