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U60 took the 26th university exam and decided to enter the prestigious school

Most of the candidates who take the annual gaokao college entrance exam in China are teenagers. But despite being 55 years old, Mr. Liang Shi is still determined to register for the university entrance exam this year. This is Mr. Liang’s 26th exam with the hope of getting a high score to enter Sichuan University, the school he dreamed of since his youth.

Mr. Liang owns a company specializing in the production of building materials in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. Over the years, he has continued to study for the gaokao, the college entrance exam for all ages since 1983.

U60 took the 26th university exam and decided to enter the prestigious school - Photo 1.

Mr. Liang Shi is about to take the 26th university entrance exam with the hope of getting into his dream school. (Photo: Weibo)

“In the first test, my score was very low. But my desire to go to university is still very strong and that’s why I haven’t given up taking exams all these years,” Mr. Liang told China News.

Mr. Liang said he failed the university exam 14 times for many reasons such as busy work, due to the previous policy that test takers were unmarried and under 25 years old. However, this provision was removed in 2001.

Over the years, Mr. Liang’s highest score ever was more than 400 out of 750. This score was enough for Mr. Liang to get into a second-rate university in China. However, he felt disappointed because his score was not high enough to get into Sichuan University.

Mr. Liang’s goal this year is to enter the Arts – Humanities major.

“I am 55 years old and I am still young. I don’t have any problems in studying history and geography,” said Mr. Liang in response to many people’s questions about how old age can cause people to suffer from memory loss.

In addition, Mr. Liang also denied some people’s suspicions that he repeatedly took the university exam to attract attention and advertise his own company.

“I simply use people’s skepticism as a motivator, and use the test scores to prove them wrong,” Mr. Liang said.

Mr. Liang further emphasized, “If I can get into the school I want, I won’t continue the university entrance exam. On the contrary, I will continue to take the exam because my dream has not come true.”

In fact, Mr. Liang is not the only person in China who has taken the university exam many times. Specifically, a man named Tang Shangjun living in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region surprised Chinese public opinion in November 2021 when he took 13 university exams to determine to pass. Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Many people expressed their admiration and praise for Mr. Liang’s determination.

“Even though I’m not as old as him, he did what I wanted but I didn’t dare,” one netizen commented.

Another joked, “I hope he can get into the university of his dreams this year, otherwise I will have to read this news again next year”.

Guangdong province’s new birth promotion policy allows all children to be born, even if they are born out of wedlock.

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