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Ukraine says recapturing 1,000 residential areas, Russia risks losing in Kharkiv

Mr Zelensky announced the statistics in a speech on the night of May 13, but did not mention exactly how much of the country’s territory those settlements make up.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Photo: The Guardian

“We have restored the supplies of electricity, water, communications, transport and social services in the liberated residential areas,” the Kiev leader added.

According to CNN, Mr. Zelensky also affirmed that “the gradual liberation of the Kharkiv region” has proved Ukraine “will not leave anyone to the enemy”.

Russia is believed to be in danger of losing in Kharkiv

In its latest assessment of the military situation, the US-based think tank the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) believes that Kiev forces are “most likely to win the battle in Kharkiv”, the second largest city. of Ukraine.

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A Ukrainian soldier on a camouflaged tank at a guard post near Kharkiv. Photo: AP

“Ukrainian forces prevented the Russian army from encircling, let alone capturing Kharkiv and then expelling them from the city, just like they did to the Russian forces that tried to take Kiev. “, quoted by ISW.

According to the American think tank, Russian armed units “generally did not manage to hold out against the Ukrainian counter-attacks of the past several days, with a few exceptions”. Reports from Western officials as well as a video from an officer of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic (DNR) show that Moscow is “focused on conducting an orderly withdrawal and prioritizing the evacuation of the civilian population.” Russia repatriates before allowing proxies to enter Russia instead of trying to keep their positions near the city.”

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Russian tank destroyed in fighting in Kharkiv. Photo: CNN

The ISW also believes that Ukraine may now attempt to disrupt ground lines of communication (GLOC) between Belgorod in Russia and Moscow forces centered around Izyum, the Ukrainian city under the control of Russia. Russia.

According to the research organization, Russian troops “made no progress” with a ground attack from Izyum. Meanwhile, the main Russian effort was to besiege the cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk in Luhansk.

“Russian troops are advancing from Popasna to the north and have not made any significant progress in the last 24 hours. Forces Russia advancing from north to south failed to cross the River Siverskyi Donets and suffered severe losses in their efforts. The Russians are unlikely to have enough new fighting power to make up for those losses and continue the offensive on a large enough scale to complete the encirclement, although they will likely continue to attempt to do so. “, quoting the conclusion of the ISW.

Turkish President opposes Finland and Sweden joining NATO

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has said that he does not consider the entry of Sweden and Finland into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as “positive”. Erdogan accused the two Nordic countries of being “hosting the Kurdish terrorist organizations PKK and DHKP-C”.

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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. Photo: Anadolu

Before that, Finland had planned to apply to join NATO and observers predicted that Sweden would follow in the footsteps. If these two Nordic countries are admitted to NATO, the US-led military alliance will expand eastward, close to the Russian border, something Moscow strongly opposes.

According to CNN, in response to the above information, Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde said that the Turkish government did not send such a message directly to Stockholm.

Georgian breakaway region holds referendum on Russia annexation

Anatoly Bibilov, leader of the Georgian breakaway region of South Ossetia on May 13 announced that he would hold a referendum on Russia’s annexation on July 17.

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Anatoly Bibilov (left) shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting in 2019. Photo: Reuters

South Ossetia was at the center of the Russo-Georgian war in 2008 after the Kremlin recognized its independence as well as the breakaway territory of Abkhazia.

Mr. Bibilov lost his re-election bid in early May. Russian officials expressed hope that his successor, Alan Gagloev, would continue relations with Moscow.

The announcement was made on the 79th day of military offensive campaign of Russia in Ukraine. The two breakaway regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, eastern Ukraine also expressed their desire to be annexed to Russia.

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