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Valorant Vietnam celebrates 1 year of launch, organizes a contest with great prizes

The Valorant gaming community can participate in the TikTok Hashtag Challenge from VALORANT Vietnam to win valuable rewards, especially a PC Gaming set worth hundreds of millions of dong.

On the occasion of 1 year anniversary VALORANT Launched in Vietnam, this game will hold a celebratory event lasting from May 13 to May 26 for the game’s player community. More specifically, VALORANT fans will have the opportunity to welcome a video marking the launch of this game in Vietnam as well as participate in a VALORANT competition. TikTok Hashtag Challenge to be able to receive many attractive and valuable gifts.

In particular, the VALORANT Vietnam team officially launched the set PC Gaming The only “Limited Challenge” in Vietnam and also the most valuable prize for the TikTok Hashtag Challenge contest. It is known that this PC set is equipped with a powerful configuration with Strix Z690-E Gaming Wifi motherboard, 32 GB DDRS RAM memory, Intel i7 12700K processor, RTX 3070 8GB video card and Ryujin II cooler 240, ready to join gamers to conquer all hit games at the highest performance, such as VALORANT. At the same time, this is also a state-of-the-art device to serve multiple purposes entertainment and work when processing extremely smoothly heavy tasks.

In addition to the terrible configuration, the PC Gaming set “Challenge the Limits” also became prominent in taking design inspiration from the VALORANT game itself. The combination of unique design and standard FPS configuration promises to bring a big explosion in the gaming community and young enthusiasts. technology. It can be said that the VALORANT Vietnam team has brought a really valuable and worthy reward to its community of players, as well as showing the right investment from the publisher VNG Games for the game. This 5vs5 tactical FPS game on the occasion of VALORANT 1st anniversary of its launch in Vietnam.

To have a unique opportunity to own this “Limited Challenge” PC Gaming set, the community just needs to attend the TikTok Hashtag Challenge from VALORANT Vietnam with very simple rules. Specifically, the steps are as follows:

▶ Step 1: Use the intro video and music from VALORANT (at least the first 5 seconds) to record a video to join the challenge

▶ Step 2: Players express their own personality at VALORANT by shooting/editing videos according to their preferences, using images and elements related to VALORANT (logos, agents, ingame scenes, special dialogues) services, or media products posted on VALORANT’s official social channels). Hints: Players can be creative in forms such as Cosplay/Transformation, Dance to Music, Ingame Editing Content, etc.

▶ Step 3: Post on your personal Tiktok page in public mode with the hashtag #VALORANTVn #VALORANT1nam


  • Top 1: PC Set “Limited Challenge” & Combo Hat + Shirt + Mouse Pad VALORANT
  • Top 2 – 3: Gaming Laptop Asus ROG Strix G15 G513RM HQ055W & Combo Hat + Vest + Mouse Pad VALORANT
  • Top 4 – 20: VALORANT VALORANT Shirt + Mouse Pad & Gun Skin Premium edition
  • Top 21- 50: Combo VALORANT Shirt + Mouse Pad & Gun Skin Select edition
  • Top 51-100: Combo shirt + VALORANT mouse pad & 2 gun Buddy

Prizes are awarded to the player with the highest score according to the following calculation:

  • 60%: Total number of videos with #VALORANT1nam uploaded to TikTok by the same TikTok account during the event
  • 30%: Total interaction (total views, likes and comments) of videos with #VALORANT1nam uploaded to TikTok by the same TikTok account during the event
  • 10%: Video quality is graded based on relevance to VALORANT, creativity in terms of content or video images.

In addition, an important criterion for evaluation is that the contest video must contain at least the intro and music from VALORANT.

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