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Which tactician helped Liu Bang mobilize more than 1 million troops?

Khuong Tu Nha is known by the world as the ancestor of Bach Gia Chi (the ancestor of all fields), who helped King Chu Vu to destroy the godless Tru King.

The story of Khuong Tu Nha meeting 800 vassal countries at Manh Tan wharf and commanding their army to defeat the Zhu dynasty, establishing the Zhou dynasty lasting 800 years in Chinese history is one of the most famous stories in history. Ancient China.

Which tactician helped Luu Bang mobilize more than 1 million troops and take the world from Xiang Yu?  - Photo 1.

Khuong Tu Nha – the person who helped the King of Chu to assemble the vassal army (illustration)

In the Qin – Han dynasties, Truong Luong, a great god of the Han Dynasty, also did the same thing, even more difficult. In the context of conflicts between countries and only focusing on personal interests, Truong Luong single-handedly helped Luu Bang gather the soldiers of the whole world to fight Xiang Yu’s army.

According to historian Sima Thien, in 203 BC, Han Xin broke the Qi state and wanted to establish himself as King of Qi. This incident has pushed up the conflict between Luu Bang and Han Tin. Before that, there was a series of discord and suspicion between my king Luu Bang – Han Tin. Typically, the Han king Luu Bang was besieged by Xiang Yu’s army in Huynh Duong citadel. Meanwhile, Luu Bang’s main army assigned to Han Tin to lead him to fight the country of Qi did not return to the rescue. The dangerous situation forced Luu Bang to let Ji Tin pretend to be his dead, fool Xiang Yu to escape.

Which tactician helped Luu Bang mobilize more than 1 million troops and take the world from Xiang Yu?  - Photo 2.

Han Xin and Liu Bang have a lot of disagreements (photo from Chinese TV series).

Liu Bang fled straight to the place where Han Xin was stationed. While Han Tin was fast asleep, Luu Bang secretly collected Han Tin’s marshal seal and tried to punish Han Tin. Thanks to Truong Luong’s advice, Han Tin was reinstated.

Han Tin then still decided to fight for the country of Qi, refusing to withdraw. He left the messenger Lich Sinh (a mandarin that Liu Bang trusted) to be boiled by King Qi in the cauldron, because Lich Sinh had previously received orders from Liu Bang to persuade the Qi to surrender. After taking the country of Qi, Han Xin asked Liu Bang to praise him and crown him King of Qi, which made Liu Bang extremely angry.

To resolve this contradiction and make Han Tin willing to bring troops to help him, Luu Bang could only rely on Truong Luong. Originally a person who had the idea of ​​​​unifying the world in one relationship, Truong Luong still planned for Luu Bang to use his wealth and land to award a lot of rewards to the vassals to entice them to contribute.

Especially for Han Tin, in order to remove the old animosity, Truong Luong drafted a letter to award Han Tin the most generously. He personally went to meet Han Tin, persuaded Han Tin to bring his troops to help Luu Bang fight the final decisive battle. Truong Luong says:

– Currently, the Concubine is in her position, weak, and the Lord (Luu Bang) regrets cutting the contract of Hong Cau, so he has exchanged troops with the Department. Recently, the Lord God burned Chu’s food warehouse, causing the Chu army to disengage and drag it back to Pengcheng. I thought that at this time, Nguyen Soai (i.e. Han Tin) should also bring his troops to the assembly with the Lord, to go out and destroy the Chu, to settle the world, so that together we can enjoy peace. If the Department dies, the new Marshal’s throne will be solid.

Which tactician helped Luu Bang mobilize more than 1 million troops and take the world from Xiang Yu?  - Photo 3.

Zhang Liang helped Liu Bang gather the army of the world (photo from Chinese TV series).

Truong Luong’s words made Han Tin completely change his mind against Luu Bang. It shows that Xiang Yu is Han Tin’s closest enemy, directly threatening Han Tin’s throne of Qi. On the other hand, Han Tin, who also wanted to take revenge on Xiang Yu, had repeatedly humiliated him and despised his intelligence, so he decided to join forces to fight Chu.

Here, it is also necessary to mention the prestige of Truong Luong with Han Tin alone. He was the one who led Han Tin to Luu Bang, recommended Han Tin as a marshal while everyone looked down on Han Tin’s background. He also devised a plan to help Han Tin escape from Xiang Yu, gave Han Tin the treasure of the original velvet sword, and gave Han Tin a map to draw a secret route, so that Han Tin could lead his army to sneak attack Trung Nguyen.

Although in the past, many people advised Han Tin to betray Luu Bang, but Truong Luong’s words were respected by Han Tin. It can be said that Han Tin would rather help Luu Bang than Truong Luong.

Truong Luong also personally went to meet the kings of other great vassal countries such as Peng Viet and Anh Bo, promising to reward them greatly and persuade them to bring troops to the guild with Luu Bang. Although before that, Peng Viet and Anh Bo had made an appointment but did not come to the army meeting, causing Luu Bang to lose his position and have to reconcile with Xiang Yu.

Which tactician helped Luu Bang mobilize more than 1 million troops and take the world from Xiang Yu?  - Photo 4.

Huge army gathered under Liu Bang (illustration).

Truong Luong went to lecture guests around the world, when he returned to Luu Bang, only a few days later, the soldiers from all over the place continued to arrive, and the army did not miss a single person. Han Tin reviewed his troops and recorded the following: King Yen’s army was 150,000, Anh Bo’s army was 50,000, Peng Viet’s army was 50,000, Wei’s army was 200,000, Tieu Ha’s army was 160,000, Han’s army was 200,000, and Han’s army was 200,000. of Han Tin 15 thousand…

All in all, more than 100,000. The famous generals more than eight hundred members, the great ministers and advisors more than fifty people. From Thanh Cao to Huynh Duong (where Luu Bang met) a stretch of road several hundred miles long were all Han troops.

Luu Bang saw that it took no effort to get so many troops in such a short time, could not hide his joy, extremely admired Truong Luong’s talent, said: “If it weren’t for Tien (Truong Luong) to go on this trip, the three generals would That person (only Han Tin, Anh Bo, and Peng Viet) was not eager to help me”. This has shown how great Truong Luong’s personal reputation is. Thanks to the overwhelming number, Liu Bang was able to close siege and destroy Xiang Yu later.

It can be said that with personal talent and prestige, Zhang Liang not only resolved the discord between countries, but also gathered one of the largest armies in Chinese history under his command. by Liu Bang.

This is his own personal feat, and it is also a major military mobilization event that has never been seen in the history of feudal China. According to the ranking of 10 smartest historical figures in China by Shohu – China’s most famous electronic newspaper, Zhang Liang was ranked third, higher than Kong Ming Zhuge Liang and Liu Ba. Wen, two other famous Chinese military advisors.

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