Why warm up before exercising?

Warming up before exercising helps to prevent injury and improve training efficiency. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to warm up or warm up before a workout.

Increase blood circulation

The warm-up before exercise will support cardiovascular activity, increase blood circulation, help the body get ready to step into heavy exercises. This is also a necessary preparatory step for a healthy workout.

Reduce heart stress

If you step right into a heavy workout, you’ll put pressure on your heart, leading to muscle or capillary strain. These are all dangerous signs that lead to cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, before practicing, you need to warm up with gentle exercises. This will help blood circulate well, limiting the increased pressure on the heart.

Why warm up before exercising?  - first

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Loosen the joints

The heating of the body will loosen the joints, make the joints more flexible when exercising, reduce joint injuries.

Increase body temperature and warm up muscles

When you warm up with light exercises, your body temperature will slowly increase, and your muscles and connective tissues will become more flexible. Increased blood flow to tendons and ligaments will also increase elasticity. This makes the stretching process easy and efficient. This is one of the main benefits of warming up before exercise.

Increase oxygen supply

As temperature and blood flow increase due to warm-up, the amount of oxygen reaching the cells also increases. This will prevent the formation and accumulation of waste products, keeping you pain-free.

Hormonal changes

Exercise helps you feel refreshed and comfortable. As a result, active hormones are secreted to help balance carbohydrates and fatty acids to convert into “fuel” for the body to perform motor functions.

Create a sense of security for the brain

Warm-up is a step to prepare the organs in the body to gradually get used to and not fall into a state of stress. Thanks to that, the brain will send a signal so that the muscles are not inhibited, tired or stressed when you exercise. This is very meaningful to athletes because it brings efficiency to tournaments.

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