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5 beautiful, simple, luxurious and classy 4-level neoclassical house models

Some beautiful neoclassical 4-level house models are heart-warming

Neoclassical level 4 garden house

The neoclassical 4-level garden house model is gradually becoming a new construction trend because of its unique and creative creation between traditional and modern features. With luxurious exterior architecture filled with natural breath, and comfortable and scientific interior space, this 4-level house model will definitely give homeowners the most ideal living space.

The facade of this house is designed in a neoclassical style with a superficial appearance. The combination of blue Thai roof creates a luxurious and modern look for the house. The exterior is combined from simple European-style colors, mainly white tones. Along with that, the system of pillars and simple patterns creates a solid, superficial, elegant but equally outstanding beauty.

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The house gives homeowners a comfortable living space, while being in harmony with nature and fresh air.

The A-roof system is arranged side by side. Below the roof is a system of square pillars that both create stability and add majesty to the house. This model house is designed with 2 facades including the main hall and the side hall. Combined with the three steps, the base of the wall is covered with dark stone, both helping to create accents and enhance the neoclassical appearance of the house.

The courtyard is arranged with a fairly large area, using light gray stone bricks, combined with the green landscape to help the whole house become full of flavor.

Garden landscape is also an important part to help this garden house towards environmental friendliness. Combining green space will help bring home owners a comfortable life with an open mind and a refreshing spirit.

The function of this house model includes: 1 living room + church, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 dining room are arranged scientifically, convenient for the living of family members.

From the main hall to this level 4 garden house is the living room. Going inside is the layout of the kitchen and dining room. To the right are 3 bedrooms arranged adjacent to each other. Including 1 large bedroom with self-contained design combined with internal toilet. The shared toilet is located in the corner of the living room and the bedroom in the middle, convenient for members to move and use.

Model of 4-level house with neoclassical Thai roof

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This neoclassical 4-level Thai roof house design is loved by its scientific layout, suitable for families of 4-6 people living together.

House level 4 The neoclassical Thai roof has a construction area of ​​150m2 with an estimated cost of about 1.5 billion VND. The house is designed with neoclassical architecture showing solidity thanks to the solid structure from the bearing pillar system. The three-step system in the main hall and the side hall is designed higher than the courtyard to create a luxurious appearance.

The black-blue Thai roof system A-shaped with a jerky design alternating between the main roof and the secondary roofs horizontally and vertically, helps to create the main highlight for the house. Combined with that is a system of many glass door frames designed in the French arch style to create elegance and coolness.

The usable floor plan of this 4-level house model with Thai roof in neoclassical style includes: Living room + worship room, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 kitchen + dining table, tea table area. From the main hall to the house is the spacious modern living room combined with the worship room. Behind the living room is the kitchen and in the last corner of the house behind the kitchen is a shared bathroom.

The large bedroom for grandparents is arranged adjacent to the bedroom for parents, both rooms have a self-contained toilet inside. The other bedroom is located opposite the kitchen.

3-bedroom neoclassical 4-level house

The luxury 3-bedroom neoclassical 4-bedroom house was built with an area of ​​180m2, the investment price is about 1.7 billion VND. This house is designed with delicate arch blocks and outstanding colors such as white, wood, and gray green color combination of Thai roof to bring outstanding beauty to the house.

The bearing system of round pillars is designed with moldings to help create a delicate, elegant and luxurious beauty, attracting at first sight. The space of the house is designed to be airy, with high aesthetics with luxurious beauty.

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The system of wooden framed glass windows is designed in the form of arches in the classic European style, which is extremely attractive.

The design of the house stands out with the main hall with three steps creating a luxurious and solid space. This house has interior features including: Living room, worship room, 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen + dining room, 1 shared toilet. Each room is reasonably arranged to create a spacious and ideal living space. The spacious living room is located in the center of the house right at the entrance hall. The worship room is arranged inside the living room to create a private and dignified worship space.

The kitchen and dining room are arranged in the left corner of the house, with a rear door designed to create ventilation, helping the owner’s family have the ideal space to enjoy delicious meals together. To the left of the living room right in front of the kitchen is a large bedroom. The shared bathroom is in the middle of the kitchen and the large bedroom. To the left of the living room are two comfortable bedrooms.

Neoclassical level 4 house with garage

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The house is designed with an additional garage for cars.

Throne level 4 house Neoclassical features stand out with the surrounding garden landscape, especially with an additional car garage. With a sophisticated and simple neoclassical architectural style, the house brings in harmony to each design feature.

French style neoclassical level 4 house

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Pure French neoclassical architecture. Green stone roof creates a luxurious and elegant beauty. The main white cream exterior is outstanding, not too picky, but the house is still beautiful and attractive.

Notes when building neoclassical level 4 houses

The market also has many construction units, so to best fulfill their requirements, it is best for homeowners to consult carefully, make a list of reputable contractors and then screen to find the right contractor. most suitable for you.

When choosing, it is necessary to discuss and clearly agree on items such as construction of the rough part, the finishing part. The cost of each item, what materials to choose, what materials to use, construction time …

Feng shui is a very important factor in housing construction. Therefore, when constructing a neoclassical level 4 house, please pay attention to this issue. Homeowners should look to feng shui experts for the best help.

Make a detailed financial plan. Money is always the most important factor. For a project of this magnitude, this issue is even more important. Therefore, make a detailed financial plan, both to help you measure your finances and estimate the total cost. Avoid the lack of costs, affecting the entire construction process.

Homeowners should choose minimalist interiors with warm colors. In particular, the color of the interior must have similarities with the color of the house or when combined with the color of the house, it will create its own harmonious features.

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