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5 habits to help women in their 50s fight aging

Old Skin is a condition that everyone encounters in life. However, proper maintenance will determine how fast or slow our aging is.

Those in their 50s who are still young and beautiful are largely due to their very good living habits, so if you want to stay young longer, you need to know the right skin care method. If you follow all the good habits below, you will always have abundant vitality and good disease prevention.


1. Work and rest appropriately

Many people experience rapid aging after the age of 50. As aging accelerates, they should work and rest properly. Because sleep helps to regenerate cells, on the contrary, lack of sleep not only reduces resistance, affects endocrine but also accelerates the aging process.

People with facial acne, increasing wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes are all related to staying up late. If you can recognize this, promptly correct the wrong habits, make sure to get enough sleep every day, the natural aging rate will slow down.

2. Use sunscreen

Want prevent aging, you should regularly take sun protection measures. Sunscreen works to protect our skin from damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays, including UVA and UVB rays from sunlight.


Dermatologists recommend reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours. If you only apply sunscreen in the morning and don’t reapply it all day, your body will not be completely protected when going out for lunch or coming home from work.

The eye area is very sensitive skin and is easily caught by sunlight. When the sun shines on that sensitive and fragile skin, the skin is easy to wrinkle or sag, excess skin. Therefore, everyone should remember to apply sunscreen to their eyes.

3. Add Antioxidants

There are many ways to fight aging, such as adjusting your diet, by eating a nutritious balanced diet and supplementing with antioxidants. You can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. The vitamins rich in them can play a role in antioxidant and reducing the production of free radicals.

A good example of adjusting the diet to help children last longer is Mrs Tong My Linh. Ms. Tong is very fond of spinach, a vegetable capable of adding antioxidants to the whole body. Thanks to its high vitamin C content, this vegetable boosts collagen production to keep skin firm and smooth.

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4. Stay in good spirits

Staying in good spirits is an effective way to fight aging. When we get angry, it will affect the endocrine system and cause aging. The liver and heart are also stimulated and affected.

On the contrary, if you are a person who knows how to control emotions as best as possible, always happy, optimistic, and full of enthusiasm, your body will always be healthy from the inside out.

5. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day

Exercise has many benefits, not only promoting the whole body’s blood circulation, reducing blood viscosity, improving obesity, but also improving the metabolism of the body. body, excreting toxic substances, thereby helping to make the skin more rosy.


After the age of 50, if your metabolism declines, the skin on your body also forms more wrinkles, which will greatly affect your appearance.

Every day, women need to exercise for at least 30 minutes not only to help you eliminate excess calories in the body but also to increase lung capacity, thereby improving the quality of health. age-20220509013340571.chn

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