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5 types of FAMILY raising outstanding children

Parents are the first teachers in every child’s life. Every word, gesture, and action of parents directly affects their children. This is a close relationship that helps children form their personality, habits as well as future development orientation.

Here are 5 types of families with scientific parenting methods that parents should refer to and apply.

1. Family knows how to manage emotions

According to a survey, 90% of parents have anxiety in the process of raising children. They always ask the question: “How can I communicate better with my child?”, “What if I don’t have a lot of time?”, “What to do if my child’s test score is not good?”, etc.

If children are influenced by parents for a long time with words and gestures that are somewhat excessive, it will affect their morale. They become irritable, lose their temper, and are sensitive. They will be separated from their parents, not wanting to share school stories.

Therefore, in raising children, parents should learn to control their emotions, maintain happiness and optimism. This will directly affect the children, making them more sociable, enthusiastic, and open. And children will be willing to share all their confidants and secrets for their parents to listen to.

5 types of FAMILY raising outstanding children: Giving knowledge is not enough, parents need to do this - Photo 1.

In the process of raising children, parents need to learn how to control their emotions. (Illustrated image)

2. Family always say nice words

Mark Zuckerberg – the founder of the social network Facebook once shared about how to raise children. Specifically, Mark listed 11 bad behaviors of children, 8 of which are due to parents having bad words. For example: If a child gives up when he falls, it is because his parents criticized him too much when he was young. Or children do not respect other people’s feelings because parents often give orders and do not respect their feelings.

In fact, there are countless such parents. They obviously want to help me correct my mistakes but never care about my thoughts and face. They even reprimanded their children in front of many people. This hurts the child’s self-esteem. When they grow up, they will become quiet, guilty, always feel unsafe.

Parents are the people closest to their children. Therefore, when children face difficulties and challenges, parents should always be there to encourage them with positive and optimistic words. This is extremely important in the process of raising children that parents need to pay attention to.

3. Family knows how to give experiences

As a parent, everyone worries about their child’s future. When the children were young, they took care of the food and taking care of them. When the children are older, they are more enthusiastic about their studies and exams. Many parents also pay attention to and arrange every little detail in their child’s life. For example: You must go to university A, majoring in B; I have to attend these gifted classes to be good for the future…

5 types of FAMILY raising outstanding children: Giving knowledge is not enough, parents need to do this - Photo 2.

Parents, please give your child a lot of experiences, don’t overprotect them. (Illustrated image)

The process of growing up each person is the process of socialization. One of the distinguishing features of the process is its practicality. Parents should let their children experience life for themselves to get valuable lessons. Experience as much as possible, don’t overprotect your child.

If parents from time to time interfere in their children’s lives, take care of everything so that children develop according to their own will. This not only deprives children of their right to self-adulteration, but also makes them feel unhappy and unhappy. They feel suffocated and helpless because they are always under the pressure of their parents.

4. Family loves books

According to many published surveys, families with parents who often sit and read books or newspapers in their free time, children often achieve excellent academic performance. There was a family with children who loved to read. They not only read fairy tales and comics but also read many academic books on fields such as Science, Biology, Literature, Astronomy,….

The secret of this family is very simple, that in their spare time, parents will gather together in the living room to read books. Each person read a book according to their interests and immersed in their own world. This is a very good way to raise children, everything comes naturally. Parents who love reading should unknowingly pass on their interests and form good habits to their children. Children happily perform without resistance. For them, reading comes naturally, just like eating, sleeping, going to school, playing.

Besides, many parents ask their children to read books but are not interested in books. They often entertain themselves by listening to music, playing games, watching TV, etc. This affects their children’s learning attitude. Parents are the first teachers and the people who have the longest relationship with their children, every word and deed leaves a deep impression on their children’s hearts.

5 types of FAMILY raising outstanding children: Giving knowledge is not enough, parents need to do this - Photo 3.

If parents are book readers, their children will inherit that hobby. (Illustrated image)

5. Happy family

First of all, parents need to establish a good husband and wife relationship in order to build a close parent-child relationship. Love between husband and wife is the lifeblood of a family.

There is a saying like this: “The best love a father has for his child is a mother who takes good care of her child. The best love a mother has for her child is that a father respects his child.”

The tenderness and kindness of motherhood will naturally spread if mothers are well taken care of by fathers. When a mother praises the greatness and sacrifice of the father, the father will automatically become a hero in the child’s heart, a shining example for the child to follow and study.

5 types of FAMILY raising outstanding children: Giving knowledge is not enough, parents need to do this - Photo 4.

Parents should not argue or raise their voices in front of their children. (Illustrated image)

Such a harmonious family relationship will form an atmosphere of reunion, joy and happiness. People who grow up in this type of family are always optimistic, confident, believe in love and express their emotions very naturally. Because they understand that love comes from a sincere heart, without thinking much.

In contrast, children who grow up in constant parental arguments will become insecure, anxious, and guilty. Therefore, parents need to pay attention to keep a good relationship, absolutely do not raise their voice in front of their children. la-chua-du-ma-can-lam-dieu-nay-20220514093453121.chn

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