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7 habits that erode the liver every day, it doesn’t take long to get liver cancer

1. Drinking carbonated soft drinks can damage the liver

Regular use of carbonated soft drinks will cause adverse health effects, especially for people with high liver enzymes, which can easily cause liver damage. Carbonated soft drinks are a type of beverage that is loved by many people. However, the regular use of this drink will cause adverse health effects, especially for people with high liver enzymes.

Carbonated drinks make the liver work harder when you are sick, making elevated liver enzymes worse. These are drinks that can contain many stimulants, may contain ethanol, which causes damage to liver cells, causing elevated liver enzymes. For patients with liver diseases, regular use of this drink can cause obesity and accelerate liver cancer.

2. Eating salty food is harmful

Salt has long been an indispensable spice in everyday dishes and salt is very necessary for the body. However, when too much salt is used, it causes harmful effects that not everyone knows, especially for people with weak liver and liver diseases.

The habit of eating salty foods (more than 10-15g of salt/day for adults and 3-5g of salt/day for children) is bad for the liver because too much salt in the body will hinder the elimination of waste products. excess out, in the long run will reduce the ability of the liver to function.

In addition, people with liver disease can experience swelling due to fluid retention, and the heart has to work harder to pump blood through the vascular system. Therefore, it is necessary to limit salt in the diet and even from foods that are naturally high in salt to reduce edema and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Especially in patients Cirrhosis If you have edema, reducing the amount of salt is extremely necessary. If during this period, the patient still eats salty foods, the risk of complications is very high and causes death in the patient.

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Many bad habits lead to liver damage.

3. Eating a lot of fatty foods is not good for the liver

Dietary fats are found in foods of animal and plant origin. Fats are essential in the diet because they aid in digestion, promote the absorption of proteins and carbohydrates, and are the body’s source of energy.

However, some foods contain bad fats, which if eaten regularly will have adverse effects on health, including the liver. Two types of saturated fat and trans fat have been shown to be potentially harmful to health.

Most saturated fat is found in meats and dairy products. In the daily diet should limit the use of saturated fat. The increased volume of saturated fat-containing foods can increase blood cholesterol levels, especially bad cholesterol (LDL-cholesterol), thereby increasing the risk of heart-related diseases and obesity. obesity, not good for the liver.

Saturated fat is often found in foods such as: Beef, pork, lamb, dark chicken… Processed meats: Cold cuts, canned meat, sausages… Best To reduce the amount of saturated fat is to limit the above meats or limit the amount of red meat in the daily diet, especially for people with high blood cholesterol.

For trans fats are also known as trans fats – the abbreviation of the names of trans fatty acids. This is a special type of fat that is harmful to the body and is not recommended to use, even in small amounts.

This type of fat comes from vegetable oils and is hydrogenated during food processing, especially fried foods: French fries, donuts, fast food; margarine varieties; baked cookies and cakes; processed snacks… Trans fat is considered the most harmful to the body, because this diet rich in trans fat makes it easy to gain weight, not good for the liver. In addition, reducing the amount of good cholesterol HDL and increasing the amount of bad cholesterol LDL and triglycerides, leading to the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

For people with liver-related diseases, eating more fatty foods is more harmful. Because when the liver has been damaged or has impaired liver function, it will be difficult to consume all the substances and purify the toxic substances, causing diseases for the body.

4. Eating fast food is also harmful to the liver

Abuse of fast food can damage the liver, foods that are fried fast foods (specifically, fried chicken, french fries) contain a large amount of active free radicals. They can damage fatty acids, wreak havoc on vitamins AE.. in the body, cause liver damage and even cause serious hepatitis. Fried foods also contain a lot of fat, which if used long-term will pose risks to the body much higher than the average risk of fatty liver disease.

Studies show that, not only fast food, but also fried and greasy foods, although very delicious, high in fat and high in calories, if eaten a lot, it will increase the burden on liver cells. . Over time, the ability to metabolize fat will decline, leading to a large amount of fat accumulating in the liver, forming fatty liver. The liver is covered with fat, which easily leads to hepatitis, more serious, cirrhosis, liver cancer.

5. Abuse of drugs, tonics… harms the liver

Many people believe that Western medicine to treat diseases, if abused, will harm the liver, while supplements and vitamins are used comfortably because of the deficiency of micronutrients that the body cannot synthesize. However, this is not entirely true. The abuse of drugs, including tonics, also damages the liver, causing liver damage.

Because one of the roles of the liver is to break down substances that the body consumes, including oral drugs, “tonics” and herbs. So, using too much of a certain drug can gradually damage the liver. This damage can range from mild to complete liver failure.

In fact, many patients take too many drugs, especially drugs and functional foods advertised on the internet. At the same time, the patient took nearly a dozen drugs and functional foods such as: functional foods to improve skin pigmentation, sunscreen pills, Glucosamin, blood pressure medicine, joint pain medicine, brain tonic… overwork the liver.

Research shows that drug-induced hepatitis is a fairly common problem, with up to 10% of drug-induced side effects. Most drugs, whether taken orally, injected, inhaled through the nose or stuck on the skin… are metabolized in the liver; It is then excreted in bile or urine.

Therefore, if the liver is impaired, the function of metabolism, detoxification and drug excretion is also affected. The accumulation of drugs due to not being metabolized and detoxified can cause drug poisoning and sometimes attack the liver causing hepatitis. Improper use of drugs, abuse or self-medication are the main causes that contribute to the increased occurrence of drug-induced liver damage.

Overdosing on drugs for a long time, or arbitrarily taking western drugs, supplements without proper indications also causes toxicity to the liver, kidneys, necrosis of liver cells, hepatitis …

6. Drinking a lot of alcohol and beer damages the liver

There are many reasons why men regularly drink beer, wine, and even abuse alcoholic beverages. Meanwhile, alcohol is harmful to the liver, more than 90% of alcohol and beer when entering the body is metabolized by the liver. When the liver receives toxins from alcohol, beer will immediately affect other activities of the body.

An expert in liver disease said that drinking too much alcohol will reduce the liver’s ability to purify blood, increase toxins in the body, lead to liver damage and cause many diseases.

In addition, drinking too much alcohol also leads to liver toxicity, hepatitis. Drinking a lot of alcohol for a long time can also lead to cirrhosis of the liver. According to experts, if you drink more than 2 glasses of alcohol (25ml) a day, it will damage the liver.

Having known the “killers” above everyone, please adjust yourself to a healthy lifestyle to maintain health not only for the liver but for the whole body.

7. Not getting enough sleep is not good for the liver

Currently, many people have the habit of working or playing at night, so it is easy to cause liver disease. The reason is that in the process of sleeping, the body goes into the process of health recovery, often staying up at night will lead to insufficient sleep, the body’s resistance will decrease and will affect the self-healing process. liver night.

People who have been infected with hepatitis and often stay up at night, the more severe the disease will be. An expert of the American Sleep Association said that people who sleep late should try to adjust their rest time, it is best to sleep before 11pm every night, make sure to sleep for 7-8 hours, to give the liver time. eliminate toxins and ensure the health of the body.

8. Tips for a healthy liver

– For a healthy liver, it is necessary to have a scientific diet and reasonable activities. Every day, you need to drink a lot of water, especially orange and lemon juice to increase the amount of water and resistance of the body. Each adult needs to drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day. Do not use too much alcohol or tobacco.

– Do not eat a lot of fatty foods such as fried, roasted, fast food; Do not use food containing harmful substances.

– Build yourself a healthy lifestyle, do not use tobacco, exercise regularly and do sports. Every day you need to exercise for at least 30 minutes, exercises from jogging, walking, cycling … are very good for the liver.

– Get enough sleep, 7-8 hours a day for the liver to rest and recover.

– Do not abuse drugs, must use drugs exactly as prescribed, need to be renewed according to the treatment regimen of the doctor, do not arbitrarily use drugs without a doctor’s prescription, perform periodic health checks.

– In addition, when there are abnormal symptoms, you should go to a hepatobiliary specialist medical facility for specific examination and advice.

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