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Acting, playing gameshow to get semester exam scores

HanoiIn front of four teachers playing the role of Shark Tank investors, Bao Chau gave a presentation in English about the macaron machine to get a final grade.

On May 14, Nguyen Hoang Bao Chau, a 6th grader at Olympia High School, and four classmates participated in the 6th grade Shark Tank. To prepare for this project, Chau and his teammates participated in Shark Tank. had two weeks to come up with ideas, build a model of a macaron machine, make slides, and write presentations to share practice.

During the whole process, the team faced many difficulties such as having to redo the model, change the content right before the presentation day to ensure “successful call for capital from investors”. As a result, they were selected by two investors who are two English teachers of the school.

“Even if it’s just an assumption, we’re glad we convinced the teachers,” Chau said, convinced that the final grade in English would be better than having to take a paper-based test. “This test is very interesting, it helps me learn more vocabulary, grammar, and expression. In addition, I also know how to overcome difficulties, improve teamwork, presentation, and communication skills. creativity and learn more business knowledge”.

A group of 6th graders called for investment capital according to the Shark Tank model to get marks at the end of the English course.  Photo: Thao Nguyen

A group of 6th graders called for investment capital according to the Shark Tank model to get marks at the end of the English course. Image: Meadow

What Chau learned is also the goal set by the teacher when deciding to organize Shark Tank for students to get final grades (factor 3) instead of a paper test. Mr. Dustin Lloyd, an English teacher, said that teaching knowledge related to reality is very necessary, especially in the context that the school year is affected by Covid-19, children have to stay at home a lot.

“We believe that this Shark Tank-based product reporting project is a highly challenging form of learning and assessment that both meets the requirements of the course curriculum and puts knowledge into practice and make learning interesting for the children,” he said. This teacher said that when leaving school, many students will start a business and have to bring their ideas to raise capital from investors, similar to what they do today.

Not only English, teachers of many other subjects at school also let students do projects instead of paper tests. With 11th grade, students do the project “Who am I among ethnic origin?” for the interdisciplinary Literature – Music – History – Fine Arts.

In Literature, 7th graders participate in TED Talk models about “study pressure” or “students with online games”, through which teachers see their language ability, collect information, reasoning or public speaking skills. The school’s 8th grade produced the epic youth play “War and Peace”.

Duong Hoang Quynh Anh, an 8th grader, said she had three weeks to prepare a play revolving around poet To Huu and hero Vo Thi Sau, to express the enthusiasm of youth. “Before making the play, I didn’t know many stories about Ms. Vo Thi Sau. But now, I remember very deeply her images and stories,” Quynh Anh said.

During the three weeks of preparation as head of the coordination committee, Quynh Anh also learned many skills such as persuasion, problem solving, and interaction with friends. Although doing a project takes more time than doing a paper test, Quynh Anh believes that this is a way to memorize knowledge more deeply and learn more.

Students of grade 8 performed epic youth plays, got marks in Literature.  Photo: Thao Nguyen

Students of grade 8 performed epic youth plays, got marks in Literature. Image: Meadow

The diversification of methods of testing and assessing students is encouraged by the Ministry of Education and Training. According to Circular No. 26 of the Ministry on amending and supplementing a number of articles of the regulation on assessment and grading of junior high and high school students, effective from October 11, 2020, regular testing and evaluation can be done directly or directly. online through Q&A, short writing, presentations, practice, experiments, learning products. Mid-term and final examination through paper or computer-based tests, practical assignments, and learning projects.

Many private schools have implemented student assessment through projects and learning products. However, this approach is not yet common in public schools.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy, Head of High School Literature Department, Olympia School, said that testing and assessment through projects makes teachers more difficult because they have to explore and constantly think of ways to change the form so that suitable for each group of students or subject.

However, this approach is very consistent with the advanced orientation of the new program, bringing many benefits to students. “So even though it’s more difficult, we still strive to give students the most opportunities to experience and express themselves in many different forms, methods of learning and assessment,” Ms. Thuy said.

This teacher also believes that innovation in testing and assessment will help students closely monitor their learning progress, capacity shifts and changes in each stage, and receive accurate and timely feedback. from the teacher instead of just being evaluated periodically as traditionally.

Acting, playing gameshow to get semester exam scores

Dao Hoang Nguyen, 7th grade, gave a speech on the topic “Study pressure”. Video: Meadow

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