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After Finland, it is Sweden’s turn to confirm that it will join NATO

According to the news agency Reuters, the above statement was just made by the Swedish Social Democratic Party on May 15. Thus, after neighboring Finland declared its readiness to apply join NATOSwedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson is certain to issue a formal application in the next few days.

The Swedish Social Democrats say they oppose the stationing of nuclear weapons or permanent NATO military bases in Sweden.

After Finland, it was Sweden's turn to confirm that it would join NATO - Photo 1.

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson – Photo: REUTERS

Joining NATO was a distant prospect for Sweden and Finland just a few months ago. However, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has prompted both Sweden and Finland to rethink their security needs and seek security in an alliance they shunned during the Cold War. .

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is said to have disrupted longstanding security policies, spurring a wave of public support for NATO membership by both Sweden and Finland.

Earlier, on the same day on May 15, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö officially confirmed the country’s intention to join NATO, saying that the region would benefit. During a press conference at the presidential palace in Helsinki, President Niinistö stressed: “This is a historic day. A new era is beginning.”

The Finnish parliament is expected to pass the decision in the next few days. The formal application to join NATO will be submitted to the organization’s headquarters in Brussels – Belgium, most likely as soon as next week.

After leading diplomats from 30 member countries held talks in Berlin, Germany, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the process for Finland and Sweden to officially join the alliance could be very fast. fast.

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