Boyfriend blames his girlfriend for using erectile dysfunction drugs

Every time the two discussed “bed stuff”, the boyfriend immediately became grumpy: It’s because of you that I have to take erectile dysfunction pills.

According to Dcard, an (unnamed) girl from Taiwan has been in a love relationship for over a year with her 39-year-old boyfriend. The couple, who live in the same city, will make an appointment to meet “rainy clouds” once a week.

A few days ago, the girl discussed with her boyfriend about the bed to ensure a harmonious sex life between the two. What a girl wants is that her boyfriend can be more proactive in being intimate in bed.

As a result, his boyfriend suddenly became angry, he said he had worked hard and always took erectile dysfunction drugs to improve his sex life but did not tell his girlfriend, now he thinks his girlfriend’s demands are too much.

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The girl revealed that she had seen her boyfriend’s medical examination results, everything was normal, she surmised that he had sexual dysfunction related to psychological problems, not because of health problems.

The first time the two did “sex” quite unexpectedly, so he confirmed that his boyfriend could not prevent himself from taking drugs, he showed a strong man’s courage to not ejaculate prematurely, one night demanding sex for two or three. time.

But now every time the two discuss the bed, the boyfriend immediately becomes grumpy: “It’s because of you that I have to take an erection pill.”

The boyfriend’s act of blaming makes the girl feel pressured, she thinks that the couple loves each other “cloudy” about twice a week, which is not too much. The girl feels confused about her love for her boyfriend and is afraid that the relationship may fall apart because both parties cannot face delicate issues together.

After the incident was posted, the online community all said that her boyfriend is not interested in sex, maybe he has ejaculation disorder, erectile dysfunction and decreased sex drive. Fortunately, these disorders are completely treatable if the patient visits a specialist clinic.

However, the hot-tempered behavior of the boy towards his girlfriend proves that he is hesitant to face his illness.

Many opinions suggest that a girl should advise her boyfriend to take the initiative to go to the doctor early to find out the exact cause, and take timely interventions to help improve sex life.

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